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SUPERHOT is a puzzling first-person shooter where time progresses as the player moves.

First Released

February 25, 2016


Mac, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux




First-Person Shooter

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Wow, this looks really cool. It’s an FPS where time only moves when you do, so you can take it as fast or as slow as you want. I may check this out when it hits the XBone later this year. It’s out now for PC, Mac and Linux. It looks very Matrix-y.


It does look pretty awesome. A lot of hype on it out there from VERY reputable sources:

I mean, how much more reputable does it get than that?


Time to jump on the XB1, gents.





I’ll just play it on PC.



Clam down, Jeff Dunham.


Superhot VR coming to PSVR, sweet.


“in a few weeks”


I bet this game works really well in VR.


Yeah, it’s been on Oculus/Vive for awhile. Really well received, but also considerably short, which I’m fine with for VR games.


I pre-ordered the bundle that comes with the standard and VR version. I actually pre-ordered the standard version first, before I saw there was a bundle, but Sony was nice enough to refund me the pre-order since I told them I meant to order the bundle. Anyways, looking forward to trying this out today.


Sounds like it’s time for me to take a trip out to casa de Rewfus.


Yep, this game is awesome…