Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad
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Holy shit. That is perfect.


Christ, the hardcore DC movie fans are the absolute worst…


So I got to see this again tonight. My son’s 13th is today so we told him we’ll take him to see a movie of his choice at Alamo and get dinner there. I was hoping he’d pick Star Trek or Jason Bourne. Nope. Fuck me.

Here’s some more observations.

Screw all the music in this movie. I like all the songs they chose but I think that after my first viewing I forgot how rapid fire they are. Should have either had way less music or just gone full tilt and all music all the time. It was weird hearing Seven Nation Army followed immediately by Emminem. Again, Guardians got it right because it’s a huge part of who the lead is. Here it’s just noise and maybe a way to recoup their loses with a sound track that will sell.

The Joker. Oh Boy. Who laid out all his knives for him? Why in gods name are there baby outfits in his room laid out on the floor? Since when did he get so horney? Seriously. I always thought of him as asexual. More like Morrisey and less like Dirk Diggler. That scene at the club with he and Harley really pisses me off. And why in the hell is he going after her? From what I remember he was not nearly into her the way she was into him. The flashback scene where they dive into the chemicals was pointless. I thought it was the shock treatment that made her officially crazy. But maybe it’s falling into radioactive milk that has some blueberry and strawberry syrup in it?

In my first viewing I totally missed that the prison guard gave Harley the cell phone in broad day light right in front on a bunch of Navy SEALs. Worst slight of hand ever. Holy shit. WTF? I thought it was in her costume box with her gear.

Again, why Waller feels the need to be in the heart of the city is complete bullshit.To study Enchantress or something was the reasoning. Do that shit from 3000 miles away via drones.

Killer Croc called a Navy SEAL “Bruh”. LOL LOL LOL

Where in the hell was Boomerang getting all his beer from? There’s like 5 different scenes where he carrying a pint of beer in a can. Get it guys, hes Australian. He likes beer.

Slipknot. Oh Slipknot. I knew it was coming and I still LOL’d. In my first viewing I totally missed him punching some lady square in the face and knocking her out cold. His excuse was “she had a mouth”. WTF! Good job DC. I must have been taking a bite of my sandwich the first time around and missed it.

Now for the weird stuff.

Actor Jesse Plemons was sitting right in front of us. Didn’t recognize him at first because he had a big beard and long hair. But holy shit, Landry Clark in the flesh.

And there were 4 juggalos in attendance. No. Not kidding.

Man, thank god for Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Joel Kinnaman.


Sooooooooo… a rental at best. Got it.


Or just youtube Harley Quinn highlights.


That blows, I love DC as a property but man they are really screwing the pooch on the movie side of things.

Won’t be long until they hit the reset button on all of this.


The more I think about this movie, the more I like the first 1/3 to first 1/2 of it. But it really falls apart in the latter half (or 2/3s). I love Ike Barinholtz’s character, the villain intros, the flashbacks, etc… It slides downhill as soon as they enter the helicopter.

I also agree with @Jango about the weird Harley/Joker relationship. Harley was always the love sick puppy and Joker the standoffish aloof cool guy. This movie throws all of that out the window.




Depends upon the director…


Doesn’t matter who the director is when WB will just take a dump all over it.


She’s fun to watch, though.


Oh man, finally got around to watching this.

It’s not HORRIBLE, but it’s definitely not good. I agree with a lot of Jango’s points. The music was JARRING.

What’s with all of the “Something destructive is happening in the middle of the city!” in these DC movies?

I think the only thing I semi enjoyed was the tie-in into all of the other DC movies, but this was definitely an unnecessary movie. Unnecessary Joker.

Quick, someone remind me why Kitana was even in this movie? Because she has Flagg’s “back”? That’s it? Or just appeal to an Asian market? I don’t get it.

I don’t want to see a Harley movie.


[quote=“SynnDiesel, post:93, topic:254, full:true”]
What’s with all of the “Something destructive is happening in the middle of the city!” in these DC movies?[/quote]

Yeah, it’s not just DC movies.


Seeing that reminded of Fant4stic. Holy shit. That was awful.


Holy shit… I didn’t realize this was definitely a THING now in movies. Jesus christ.


I was about to TORCH that idea but I think you guys might be on to something.


This movie was ass, and not the Margot Robbie kind.


LOL DC. A complete reboot. What a damn mess DC is.