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A source with knowledge of events says Warners executives, nervous from the start, grew more anxious after they were blindsided and deeply rattled by the tepid response to BvS. “Kevin [Tsujihara, Warner Bros. CEO] was really pissed about damage to the brand,” says one executive close to the studio. A key concern for Warners executives was that Suicide Squad didn’t deliver on the fun, edgy tone promised in the strong teaser trailer for the film. So while Ayer pursued his original vision, Warners set about working on a different cut, with an assist from Trailer Park, the company that had made the teaser.

By the time the film was done, multiple editors had been brought into the process, though only John Gilroy is credited. (A source says he left by the end of the process and that the final editor was Michael Tronick.) “When you have big tentpoles and time pressure, you pull in resources from every which way you can,” says this source. “You can’t do it the way it used to be, with one editor and one assistant editor.”

In May, Ayer’s more somber version and a lighter, studio-favored version were tested with audiences in Northern California. “If there are multiple opinions that aren’t in sync, you go down multiple tracks — two tracks at least,” says an insider. “That was the case here for a period of time, always trying to get to a place where you have consensus.” Those associated with the film insist Ayer agreed to and participated in the process. Once feedback on the two versions was analyzed, it became clear it was possible to get to “a very common-ground place.” (The studio-favored version with more characters introduced early in the film and jazzed-up graphics won.) Getting to that place of consensus, however, required millions of dollars worth of additional photography.

‘Suicide Squad’s’ Secret Drama: Rushed Production, Competing Cuts, High Anxiety


Sometimes… just leave things alone, jesus christ.


Hoo boy. Where to begin…

Um… it wasn’t as good as the trailers made it out to be… but it wasn’t as bad as Green Lantern. Or Fantastic Four.

The problem for me was that it had great moments, but … it felt rushed and disjointed. My biggest two complaints about the movie are:

  1. it jumped around. You could tell it needed a lot more time in the editing room. Maybe they had the movie all laid out and some intern bumped the keyboard and randomized all the scenes moments before it had to be shipped out to theaters. One scene really stuck out, I’m going to spoil it because who cares. Harley gets on an elevator and some cool music starts and you know stuff is going to go down. The action begins… and then it just ends. Abruptly. Like… that scene could have continued directly into the next action scene with the music still playing, but they had to interrupt it with some crappy exposition and dialogue. And that happens a few times. Action abruptly ends so they can move to the next scene and talk.

  2. many of the characters fell flat. They had no build-up, no background, no reason for being there, no reason to care about them, nothing. Like, and I’ll put this in spoiler tags because the trailers do not show the main villain at all, but the main villain(s) had NO motive. NONE. I can liken them to Apocalypse in the recent X-men movie, because they are essentially the same premise, but at least they showed Apocalypse in the past and what he went through and why he was doing what he was doing, so you knew why he’d behave in the way he did in the future. These clowns just appear, say something like “they used to worship us” and “let’s build this weapon we’re not going to explain” and start turning people into mushroom men. Why? Ugh. They never even mention one of the villain’s names. I had to IMDB him to find out what DC character they were supposed to be. And I still don’t know what the weapon was supposed to do. Killer Croc really needed no history, but his lines fell flat. He had one moment where you could tell they were trying to give him his “Hulk Smash” moment, but it wasn’t effective. His lines were meant to be funny like Groot or Drax, but I think I chuckled once at him. Maybe twice. Boomerang, Diablo, Katana, that other dude with the grappling hook… no reason to be in the movie.

The movie would have worked better as a Netflix series, like the Kinda Funny crew mention in the video I’ll post at the end, where each character could be built up before being thrown to the wolves. OR… had the Batman stand-alone movie first with some of these characters in it.

On the plus side, the soundtrack is fantastic. You can definitely see Guardians of the Galaxy influences here. Harley Quin, I thought, was done really well. She had a backstory and good lines. And, of course, Deadshot was a scene stealer. His backstory and lines steered the movie away from being a complete train wreck. Both of them made me laugh a few times. And the Batman stuff was good too. And Joker was not bad. The action was good. It had some really funny stuff.

Basically, they had a lot of the components to make a good film, but they arranged it in such a way that just didn’t live up to the awesomeness of the trailers. This is a movie that could use a director’s cut.

Ha Ha & ½ Ha out of Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Your thoughts are just what I’m expecting: Not a great movie, but not as bad as the critics have made it out to be. Much like BvS: DoJ


And I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t love Angry Joe, but his review is -shockingly- SUPER POSITIVE. He apparently loved it. I only watched the intro, cuz I can only handle so much of him, but I’ve never seen him this excited over something.


~45% on aggregate sites?


Dude generally seems to spend ten times the amount of time editing a review than actually playing the game he’s reviewing, so I can’t imagine what his movie reviews are like.


Here we go again…

That’s quite the gap.


So in reality, it’s sitting at about a 47% with critics, which is middle-of-the-road mediocre. Sounds about right for DC.


Why, DC, why?

Anyhoo… I don’t put too much stock in Movie critics these days (see rant in BvS thread). Especially after seeing hyperbolic nonsense like this:

No. No, it’s not. I haven’t seen 9 Lives, but in no universe can that be a true statement.


But that’s why you just ignore reviewers like that and take aggregator sites with a grain of salt. I’ve found a few sites that mirror my tastes and generally trust those.



This movie is like a cray person’s brain. Some good, some bad, and a lot of fucking nonsense.

I’ll start with the good because thats easy.

The Good

Harley - Holy shit. She was amazing with the exception of one part. The scene in the club with Joker when he’s going to give her to some jack ass. Clearly this was a way to make a bunch of 13 year old boys get a boner. She was way over sexuallized. Her sexiness comes from her coyness, her craziness, and her own style of cuteness. It doesn’t come from being a whore. Other then that I thought she was outstanding.

Deadshot - Will Smith was really good and thank god for the chemistry between himself, Rick Flag, and Harley. Because other than that it was pretty lifeless. This is due to him just being him. Very likable, funny, and charismatic.

Rick Flag - I like the dude. What can I say.

Enchantress the Witch - I like this incarnation of her a lot. I liked the end battle against her as well. Thought it looked cool and it should have been the only end fight.

Katana - Didn’t say a lot but she looked cool. LOL

The Batman scenes were cool and some of the action set pieces were good.

The Bad

The Joker - Fuck him. Why was he even in the movie? The subplot with he and Harley was so pointless. The only good parts of him were two 2 second clips where he’s in the tux dancing with Harley in her original suit and one where he’s firing a gold AK-47 from the back of a helicopter and the ending scene that was about 1min. Other then that. F.U.C.K. HIM. You would think that because of the way people complained about Jared Leto being in character all the time and doing gross things that he’d have a better role in the movie. But no. He’s pointless. I didn’t even mind his look or mannerisms. He was just pointless.

Slipknot - Holy shit. Speaking of pointless. He literally showed up out of no where and then his head got blown off 2mins later. I seriously laughed out loud when that happened. Like it was awkward.

El Diablo - Meeeeeeeeeeeh. His big reveal was some Fantastic Four level CGI shit. OMG. That was laughable.

Some Big The Mummy Returns Jabroni Who Is Enchantress’s Brother? - Speaking of F4 CGI. This thing was just horrible. Speaking of pointless. Good god. I’m done wasting key strokes on this asshole

Boomerang - No idea what he said. Ever.

Killer Croc - It was as if Dave Chappelle made a sketch about a black super villain and made him overly stereotyped and gave it to David Ayer as a joke and David Ayer fucking ran with it. His one wish for joining the team was to have BET Television in his cell. Even Michael Bay was shaking his head.

The Music. My god. The fucking music. What sucks is I thought the songs they chose went really well but they throw them at you rapid fire as in 3 in a row with no break in between and then 2 more about 10 mins later. Then pretty much nothing after that. You see, it works in Guardians because they are spread out and add some levity to a situation and because music is a huge part of who Peter Quill is. Not here though.

The Weird

There was a bunch of weird shit that happened.

[spoiler]There was a part with Boomerang that could have been perfect. They are at a point where they can pretty much bail. Before the word “leave” is spoken he just runs. It was actually really funny. But then the fuck face comes back 20 seconds later for no reason other then to appear in a slow motion shot of them all walking down the street. It would have been classic if we never saw him again or if maybe he came back in some big heroic way. Nope.

Also, the helicopter they are in gets shot down and flips over like 30 times. It was like something out of The Other Guys. Thats how comical it was. But they just get out like no biggie. WTF.

They have to go extract a HVT from a high rise that is smack dab in the center of all the supernatural shit going down. It turns out to be Waller. Why she even needs to be in the city where the battle is going on instead of a bunker in DC is beyond me. Then her Helicopter gets shot down 10 seconds after they rescue her. Plus, how did she get there? Why was she there? She could run that shit show remotely. They never said why she was there. Or maybe they did and I was bored and wasn’t listening.

What is with DC and making machines that destroy things? At one point Enchantress says “I’m going to make a machine”. No other details are given. Then she actually builds a machine out of actual thin air that looks just like the thing Zod used in Man of Steel. Hey fuck-os. She doesn’t need a machine. She can already build an army of undead and, as she showed earlier, break into any place in 2 secs. She actually teleports herself into a terrorists vault overseas and steals some type of plans and drops them on some generals lap. The whole process took mere seconds. Her stealing nuke codes for the highest bidder should have been the threat. Not Zod Machine 2.0

Pretty but Evil Enchantress was lame and the CGI made her look like plastic.

The Mummy Returns dude had to have been based on an old video game. I swear I’ve see this before. The guys arms can turn into whips and stretch really long. If you’ve seen the movie maybe you’ll know what game I’m talking about. But it was all I could think of.

EDIT: HELL YES! Prototype 2 is what I was thinking of.



Good review, dude. I read that many of the songs were chosen because some lyric matched whatever was happening on the screen. Like, Harley was there with her bat and the lyrics was like “a girl and her stick” and then that was all the song was used. So, you saying how rapid fire basically confirms that.

Hearing how little The Joker was in the film makes me even more furious about reading the EDGELORD antics.



Here’s a pretty funny read about a big plot point from the film. If you don’t want to read it I don’t blame you. Long story short it’s about the Joker and how he text’s updates to Harley throughout the film.

That something I forgot to touch on. I actually thought the Joker would have been used best for one flashback scene to set up Harley’s origin, as long as it wasn’t the scene where he makes her a whore, and then since they are using this stupid cell phone bit that is all we should have seen of him until the final scene of the movie.

He keeps texting her updates like “coming for you” or “See you soon”. Would have been cool to have not seen him during the main plot and get one final text saying “Sorry. Got held up. Next time” and have her disappointed just to have him come to her aid in the final scene of the movie. It’s actually a pretty cool scene.


Yup, this movie sucked. Waste of a free ticket.



Guess who might have to see this again?

Uugggggghhhhhhh. Kids are the worst.