Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad
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What about our crotches?


Sorry, I just assumed yours doesn’t work anymore.


Because Canada.




I’m getting pretty psyched for this.

Crotch rushing aside.


EDIT: Hmmm…seems weird to release two trailers but call them by different titles.



So mediocre reviews, heh? I look forward to hearing what some of you have to say after seeing this. So many mediocre super hero movies coming out, it’s hard to decide which ones are worth my time.


I have tickets for Thursday. If I’m not too busy playing Life is Strange or Abzu, I’ll post a review on Friday.


Not too surprising after seeing some of the latest clips they had released; some of the dialogue is borderline terrible.


I was really rooting for this film in the beginning but all the “ZOMG EDGEY” just makes me hope it fails. Which it won’t, since it’ll be mediocre but make a ton of money.




Most films do re-shoots but this also went through some story changes to lighten it up, right? From what I’ve been (quickly) reading, the story and pacing are all over the place. I wonder how much of the film is just not good, in general, and how much is a result of having shit messed with.


Those questions and more will be answered on Thursday. Also, butter flavoring will be consumed in dangerous quantities.


I thought it went through reshoots to add more Batman?


Didn’t it (also) reshoot stuff to make it more lighthearted?


a real who’s who of who gives a shit



A friend of mine got to see it last night. He texted me a simple review.

“What is D.C. doing? It was like a Guardians parody. Harley is far and away the best thing about the movie. At least it was better than BvS. I think. I don’t know or care”


DC - Stick to TV and you should be fine.

I’m going to copyright that and get paid every time someone wants to use that in a review.