Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad
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Ok. They’ve got my attention again. And guess what? They didn’t have to show a synopsis of the entire movie to do it either.


I’m going to see this one for sure. I was already going to give it a chance, but this trailer really nailed it IMO.


Watched it again through my VCR. Yeah, this trailer nailed it for DC.




That sweet, sweet 480i.

VCR is an obvious…something…indicator that I’m tired. Worked 6am - 6pm yesterday and slept like shit last night.





The fact that my girlfriend said MONTHS ago that she’d rather watch Suicide Squad than Batman v Superman is very telling.


The fact that you have a girlfriend with that sailor mouth of yours is even more telling.


I love that you assume that she isn’t the fucking worst. Trust me, a woman who isn’t bothered by calling someone a TWAT C-U-N-T, is a classy woman. MARRIAGE MATERIAL.





Also Viola Davis seems to be the perfect fit for Waller.



lol who gives a shit about Slipknot, he’s gonna be the first to die.


My son’s birthday is a few days after this opens. For his gift we are taking him and 5 friends to go see it on August 6th at Studio Movie Grill. Should be a fun surprise.


Be careful of all of their blood rushing to their crotches when Margot Robbie gets undressed.