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Street Fighter V
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Reviews are beginning to filter in:

When I’m playing Street Fighter V with friends, I’m completely lost in the heat of the moment. Win or lose, I’m attracted to the thrill of its action-oriented combat system, which discourages overcautious behavior and keeps fights moving along. There’s an excellent foundation here, and for now, I am going to keep playing until I can put the servers to the test on launch day.

IGN - 8/10
It’s hard to criticize something that seems like it was tailor-made for a wannabe competitive player like me, but I just can’t ignore how little Street Fighter 5 does for the average fighting game player. It sports a wonderful, diverse cast of characters, places a clear emphasis on strong fundamental play, it gives competitive players a great online experience, and it does it all while looking gorgeous. Strictly in terms of mechanics and competitive features, Street Fighter 5 is just about peerless, but it has quite a ways to go before it stacks up against other fighting games - including its own predecessor - in terms of overall content.

Destructoid - 8/10
In many ways Street Fighter V is unfinished, but as a platform, it has strong legs. If Capcom sticks to its word, this could have just as long of a lifespan as IV, if not more.

EGM - 8/10
Street Fighter V paves the way for the future of Capcom’s legendary fighting game series—but it’s also a release that’s relying on near-future updates in order to feel like a finished product. Once they come, however, this should really be something special.

Shacknews - 7/10
Fortunately for Capcom, what is available now is a lot of fun. The overall fighting game mechanics feel incredible and a big step up from the Street Fighter IV generation. Even someone eternally in scrub tier, like myself, can feel like they can have a good time and eventually get better. That’s why the aforementioned is so frustrating, because Street Fighter V feels like a genuinely great fighting game and it’s hard not to want more.

Gamesbeat - 90/100
So, who should pick this up? Everyone that’s into fighting games. If you’re into Street Fighter, chances are you already have Street Fighter V preordered, and you’re here to see if I validate your opinions on the game (or you want to invalidate mine). If you’re going to stick with Street Fighter V, I think that’s a good decision. If you’re thinking of skipping it, you’re going to miss out on something enjoyable.

Gamesradar - 4.5/5
So Street Fighter 5 is brilliant with caveats, then. But it is, at its core, still brilliant. Being brutally honest, your mileage with it – during the early phase of its life at least – will vary greatly depending on the availability of fight-ready friends in your immediate vicinity. Its pleasures are great and many, but for all of their eagerness to please, you’ll really need to explore them shoulder-to-shoulder with others. That, of course, is why the heart of any great fighting game truly beats, and Street Fighter 5’s beats as hard and loud as that of any you care to mention. As such, it would be a real shame if the curious new players it has so much to offer were turned off by its limited early content.

Lazy Gamer - 8.4/10
Examiner - 6/10
Next Gen Gaming - 8/10
Forbes - 8/10
God is Geek - 9/10


Watching these guys play… I don’t know if I can hold out til Guile… willpower… fading…


Now that Smurf has cracked, has anyone else? I know @katet picked this up as well, not sure if he has had much time to crack in to it though. I’m also tempted to dip my toes in, I just wish they charged what this is worth, I would say about $30 in it’s current state?


Just think of SFV like buying a season pass—you’ll eventually get your money’s worth from it. Unless it’s Arkham Knight, then you’ve wasted $40.

Anyhoo, I finally started this game last night. I didn’t have much time to play, so I didn’t even have a single match, just played through the opening tutorial, modified a few settings, changed my controller buttons and went into training mode. But I managed to unlock 4 trophies doing just that. And the graphics and animations are quite nice. It feels very fluid, so I can’t wait to actually have a match, hopefully tonight.


I’m watching this now and at first, I was thinking Chun Li was going to be my main until Guile arrives, but Nash looks like he plays similar to Guile, but without charging. I may have to give him a whirl tonight.


I just want to play as Zangief because of how fricken huge and over the top he is, but I’ve never been good at the grappling and full circle motions. Dang it, why did you post this? Now I just want to get it but I know I will ultimately be disappointed. Fighting games are too stressful for me anyways at my old age and high blood pressure. It sucks getting old.


I love how the “Quick” Look is an hour and 12 minutes.


If only this were $40.


Yeah, they used to be much shorter, but now they have pretty much just taken on the ironic title. I’m not a big fan of watching Jeff play fighting games because he is kind of a baby. The best matchup was when Ryckert got lucky and beat Jason in one match, but it’s premium content, so I can’t share it with you simple peasants.




I suck.

I played through about half of the stories, which, most are really dumb. Especially Laura’s where her entire motivation is to make her martial arts-style famous, so she goes on a world tour taking on famous fighters, while sounding like a ditzy cheerleader in an underboob shirt.

Yeah. I can see why the complaints are valid now (most stories are about 2-3 fights with static images and dialogue) and I’d be upset if I didn’t know that the actual story mode was arriving for free in June.

Survival mode is fun though. But the “Hell” setting required for a trophy is 100 matches completed. Eek. You do get to buy health and power-ups between battles, so I can see it being doable, but that will be very time consuming. It was this mode that I realized my main should be Nash over Chun Li. I had several PERFECT rounds with him, but was struggling with Chun Li.

And that’s it for single player for now. So, I went online with Nash. I lost my first match, even though I should have won it. I just choked in the third round. I had Ryu down to almost zero health and couldn’t land a single move. I lost my second match to Ken by getting decimated and then won my third match against another Nash. I can see online being really fun once I get the hang of things. I trained with Nash for awhile before taking him online and could activate my specials without issue. But against a human opponent, I was just flailing around like I was having a seizure.

So, long story short. I need some of you to buy this game and go online so I don’t have to face only randoms. I’ll wait here until you get back from Best Buy.

Are you back yet?





I like the fact that you can’t lose a round due to chip damage now. That was a good move. I am really tempted to pick it up, just can’t justify full price. If it goes on sale anytime soon, I may consider it.


[quote=“DarthSmurfX, post:71, topic:84, full:true”]
But against a human opponent, I was just flailing around like I was having a seizure.[/quote]

This is my specialty.



Other than the character models being a little too big, this is pretty cool.


Home sick, but somehow pulled off a win in my third ranked match so I recorded it. But I need to stop playing, it’s making my fever worse. I nearly soaked through my PJs after that.

Also note how I got cocky in round 2, tried to end it with my super and nearly lost it.



Somebody found a new gif generator.