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6 DLC characters you can earn in-game.

And the Dhalsim trailer:


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6 DLC characters you can earn in-game.[/quote]

I see Balrog, Guile and Juri. No idea who the third, fourth or sixth could be. I’m hoping for my boi Alex though.


Looks like you might get your wish:


Guile, Guile, Guile. That’s all I care about.


Guile tease at :11 —

Also, there’s a Balrog poster in there.



Does that guy also have a brother who both play the harp?


Here’s what @LASSIE missed out on…


2nd Story Mode arrives 4 months later as free DLC.

I did, however, say “modes” instead of “mode,” and that’s where things get especially interesting. In addition to those character stories, the game will also have a bigger, beefier cinematic story mode. (All these names, by the way, are still tentative as of now.) Here, players will be treated to one giant, canonical tale that helps bridge the gap between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, giving Street Fighter V its proper place in the timeline. In the cinematic story mode, you won’t choose your character; instead, as you progress through the narrative, who you’re playing as will shift, as events unfold and you learn more about what’s going on. All of the main roster will show up in this mode, including a few of the first wave of DLC characters; as of now, however, the story won’t expand as more roster additions happen down the road.

More details expelling the difference between the two story modes:



It appears that Street Fighter 5 will be incorporating something similar to League of Legends’ league system for online play.

Revisiting an interview we posted the other day from Engadget, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono stated that players will need to attain a certain win rate and point total to advance into the next league while playing online.

Players will be separated into different leagues so they’re only playing people within the same tier, to help balance out win rates.

League of Legends has Unranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger brackets, and it seems like Capcom is developing some kind of similar system to sort players into.

New players in Street Fighter 5 likely will not have to worry so much about being dominated the moment they step into the game — eventually anyway, as top level players may take a bit to advance through the ranks — and get out of whatever the entry level tier ends up being.

Neighborhood baseball leagues and Street Fighter

Capcom is also trying to capture more of the casual player market with some different ideas.

One of the examples they cited was playing baseball. While there’s of course the pro league, Major League Baseball, a lot of people play in neighborhood leagues with their friends and family on the weekend.

Capcom is looking to create an environment like that for Street Fighter 5, where people at a casual level can just get together and play.

Another thing they’re looking at, further out than 2016, is possibly creating tournaments geared towards the casual player. In Asia, they already have college students compete with each other, and they’re also considering running a parent/child tournament.




Capcom confirmed to IGN that Alex will be available in March but did not announce the release schedule for the other five characters coming after the game launches.


I have such a backlog right now, that I decided to buy SFV when, and ONLY when, Guile is available. So, that should give me some breathing room.


Late correction to the article:

Capcom confirmed to IGN that Guile will be available in March but did not announce the release schedule for the other five characters coming after the game launches.


What’d I ever do to you?


I’m just in one of those moods.


Good read, here are some highlights:

“Street Fighter V feels like a bit of a reset in terms of something that more casual players want to get excited about because it’s a brand new game with a brand new engine, brand new stock game and brand new characters and everything that could come along with that,” brand manager Brian Ayers (pictured above left) explains.

“But also, it’s a bit of a reset on the community side of things and the pro-gamer side of things. They’re all starting from the same page. For this game, we’re trying very much to make it newcomer or lapsed fan-friendly. That’s one of the big points of Street Fighter V is it’s welcoming people in different ways.”

Capcom has ditched this release plan for Street Fighter V. All consumers need to play the game is the base disc that launches next week. Subsequent content, including stages, modes, characters and costumes, can be bought in-game with currency called Fight Money or can be purchased with real money or ‘Zenny’ as it is called in-game.

“We’ve been quite honest in saying that Street Fighter V – the disc or digital edition – is the only version that you’ll ever need,” Ayers says.

“You’ll never have to buy or be forced to buy another iteration further down the line. What that means is you don’t split the player base. Everyone can always just buy that game and know that two, three years down the line and know they can jump back in whether they are just spectating or being a competitor.”

He continues: “We want Street Fighter V to last a console generation. That’s a very brave move from the business side of things. But that is how we are looking at the product as well. It’s not: ‘right, get it out, it’s the first six months and then it’s done’. We’re talking lifetime on this now in years rather than quarters, which I think is quite telling in itself.”

Davis adds: “It’s much more about the longer game with Street Fighter. We’re not having the other iterations coming and that was a brave decision for us to make. Although we had a lot of different versions of Street Fighter IV, every single one was commercially successful, all the way up to Ultra Street Fighter IV. We’ve made the decision to not do those because we want to give the fans what they want, we’ll give them the extra content but it’ll be digital downloads and it will be stuff they can earn for free in the game. It’s about us listening to the fans feedback rather than looking at just numbers.”

“Mortal Kombat under Warner Bros has significantly raised the bar in lots of different ways. Last year’s Mortal Kombat X went very hardcore on its single player elements and we realised that we needed have an answer to that – not to Warner Bros directly, but we needed to satisfy what the consumer demands.

“For the first time, we’ve got a full cinematic story mode that’s coming as free content, again, with the nature of supporting the game long-term rather than stuffing it all into the disc for Day One. We’re staggering a lot of the stuff to keep people interested and coming back. That’s set for June. We’ve seen it already and it looks fantastic. Fans don’t need to go watch a Street Fighter anime any more – it’s all within the game in terms of story telling.”

Ayers adds: “Betas do get used more and more as a marketing tool these days, which can skew the perception of what the beta is for. The reason why we had four betas was we needed to get this hitting the ground running on Day One.

"As much as the first beta was a bit of a disaster, we still learnt from it. We were giving people extra days. We’re lucky in that the fighting game community is one of the nicer ones. They were championing our message as well, keeping the detractors at bay – you’re always going to get people going ‘I want my free stuff now and why doesn’t my free stuff work?’. It was a lesson learnt, and thankfully we had a supportive enough community that they just spread that message for us.”

He continues: “During our most recent beta, we had an email from someone from the producer-side of the business. ‘The beta is going really well’ was the subject, and then they said it was ‘going nervously well – too well. What’s going on?’ We were still all prime to react to things going wrong. It was great.

"We’re really confident that going into launch, we should be issue free.”


Lots of good info, but I’ll just post 1 highlight:

Finally, some news tidbits: online battle lobbies will support two players at launch, but eight person lobbies as well as Spectator mode will be patched into the game as part of the March 2016 update. We are happy to officially confirm that legacy PS3 fightsticks will work with Street Fighter V at launch! A big thanks to Lab Zero for making this a possibility.

And one final thing (I promise), some of you may have heard the news that Alex will be available to all Street Fighter V players in March 2016 as well, and I’m happy to re-confirm that news here.** At launch, playing through most of the single player content (in fact, just the Character Stories) will give you enough Fight Money to get Alex for free!** We’ll have more information to share on Alex and the other post launch characters soon, so stay tuned.

And here’s the rest of 2016…