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Street Fighter V
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Stupid sexy Street Fighter…



I’m not complaining.

Rainbow Mika, Poison and Juri are my Street Fighter waifus.



I swear I thought they already announced him, just not via an official trailer or gameplay.


Nevermind. I was thinking of the new Tekken 7 character, Shaheen.



I have no idea who this is. But apparently…

Two years ago, we held a worldwide character popularity poll to find out who the fans liked the most, and Karin came in 7th worldwide (1st when just looking at Japan results), despite having only appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Today, we’re happy to reintroduce her to the series with a brand new design and play style.

And more news…

And if the return of one of the most popular characters in the series wasn’t enough, we have another big announcement: the Capcom Fighters Network!

The Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) is a community building tool that will be directly built into the online infrastructure of Street Fighter V.

Here is a list of some of the things that you’ll be able to do in-game via CFN:

  • See where battles are happening all over the world on a “heat map”
  • View player profiles and detailed match statistics
  • Designate “rivals” throughout the world and monitor their performance
  • Register friends and follow your favorite players
  • Search and watch replay files
  • Send online battle invitations
  • Check out the latest patch and tournament news
  • And much more!

We’ll have more concrete details on all the various CFN features at a later date, but just to whet your appetite, here are some work-in-progress screenshots. The main CFN screen shows the “heat map” and will look something like this:

Each blinking light on the world map represents a pocket of active users that are engaged in online battles. With the heat map, you’ll be able see where all the action is taking place and even be able to drill down to the individual players who are fighting, in order to check out their profile information, past match history, replays, and even send them a fight request.

As Street Fighter V will be at the forefront of our eSports activities upon release, we wanted to make sure that players had access to all the statistical data possible to help analyze their weaknesses and improve their game.

The game tracks not only online win/loss records, but fine detail stats such as “how many light punches did you land,” “how many throws did you tech,” “in what ways did you win the match,” and much, much more. We are confident that players will appreciate this new knowledge and use it to push themselves to the next level and rise above the competition.


Okay, so it seems like the 4 Alpha series characters have all been announced; Nash, Birdie, Mika and now Karin. Now all that’s left is 2 main series and 2 brand new characters. Rumors are pointing towards Alex and Urien for the 2 main series entries.


Hey, that guy from Wreck it Ralph is going to be in this game!


Looks Like This Is a Brand New Street Fighter V Character

This is Laura. Apparently! We had never seen her until Japanese game site Famitsu, it seems, accidentally leaked the character today.

On, it looks like the Laura screens were mixed in with the announcement images of Zangief, whose return was officially announced today.

Guess she’s Brazilian and has electrical powers?

I guess we get a female Blanka, huh?


She’s female? Go figure, I never would have guessed with that once again conservative outfit.



Wow. They can manage to oversexualize women even when clothed. Well done Capcom. Well done.


To be “fair” that was apparently a physics bug (lol) and is practically non-existent now. But yeah, welcome to pretty much any fighting game ever made featuring female fighters.

Also, to play the devil’s advocate, we also have a plethora of shirtless musclemen in these games, some of which are only wearing a speedo.



Aaaaand it’s gone.




Releases Feb 16th. Dhalsim confirmed.