Steam Summer Sale 2016

Steam Summer Sale 2016
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Oh, I forgot to mention

Gotta pick that up


Ha-HA! Joke’s on you: “You already own this game”!


Then there is some of the more expensive, time consuming games that are tempting:


Divinity: Original Sin 2 on the PS4 will have the Enhanced Edition of the first game included.


Prove it.

I wish this was cheaper, I have been wanting to pick this up in the hopes that I would ever have friends (over).


[quote=“Rewfus, post:26, topic:663, full:true”]
Prove it.[/quote]

My bad. They’re only making it for PC initially, but one could assume that it’ll eventually make it’s way to PS4 and XB1.


But the PC version will have the original packaged with it?

A couple other games that are on my radar:


[quote=“Rewfus, post:28, topic:663, full:true”]
But the PC version will have the original packaged with it?[/quote]

Apparently I’m a big ol’ dummy. Only the collector’s editions of D:OS2 will have a copy of D:OS:EE.


It’s not a traditional game quote, but I’ll take it!



At this point I’m just using this thread as my personal wishlist that I can reference it later…and before you say “Hey Dummy, Steam has it’s own wishlist functionality”, let me just respond with “Sure, but then I wouldn’t get to torture @lassie”, so here we go:

Has this been confirmed for PS.VR?


The Long Dark seems interesting.


I’ve heard good things:

And if I remember right, Hello Games said it was a big inspiration for No Man’s Sky, so I am interested to check it out.

This also looks good. I remember being impressed by the characters when I watched the QL:


Timely response:

There are no more daily deals or flash sales

Recent Steam Sales have adopted a “what you see is what you get” policy. All deals stay as they are until the end of the sale. If you missed a highlighted deal, don’t worry: the game’s price will remain as it was until July 4. So there’s no need to wait around for deep discounts. If you see a game you’ve been wanting on sale, grab it.