Steam Summer Sale 2016

Steam Summer Sale 2016
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June 23rd, who’s ready?

This is the first year I have actually been excited for it since I finally have a Mac that can handle the majority of non AAA games, which is what I’m more interested in playing on my computer over console anyways.



Just a heads up, looks like this kicks off in half an hour (noon CST).



So, for those of you who have participated in these Summer Sales in the past, is this par for the course?



I caved…


And bought what? I’m super underwhelmed so far.


Welcome to every Steam Sale since like 2010.


Really, it’s been all down hill since then? All I used to hear about is that sales on PC blow away the sales on console, but I guess with all of the sales/free games that now come with the PS+/Gold, that’s not exactly the case anymore?


Eh, not really I guess. It’s probably just because I already own like 85% of the games that end up going on sale.


What do you guys think about this buy?

And do they not have daily or flash sales anymore?


I just usually wait til the winter to get stuff on Steam… and then never play it.


Alright, these are some games under $10 I’m tempted to get so far. Does anybody have any strong objections?


Undertale, and four other games that were pretty cheap and have been on my wishlist for forever. Nothing too exciting other than Undertale.


Dammit, I might have to get Pony Island.


Yeah, most of those little indie games, including undertale, her story, read only memories, and many more I have already purchased in a humble bundle for much cheaper than anything i have seen on a steam sale. Humble Bundles are such a good deal, these sales have a hard time comparing.

Keep in mind, I’m filtering by Mac games, so some Windows only games I may be missing.


I mostly stopped with the game bundles just because I kept buying games that I couldn’t even play. Which is exactly what I’m doing with the Steam Sale. Which is why I haven’t Steam Sale’d for the past few years. But this thread made me look, so I blame you.

What I have been bundling lately are books and comics, though. I need to stop. I have a problem. Even though I tell myself books and food are the two things I wouldn’t give myself a hard time spending money on.


Corrected that for you. A library is a library, no matter where you take it.


Speaking of Her Story, even though I haven’t played it yet, if you have any interest at all, you would be dumb to pass it up at $3, even though the $6 total price tag aint much different.

Oh, add this to the list too:

And I think I own this on 360, but when am I going to boot that up again? I’ve heard great things about Stacking:

Ugh, but then this gets tempting, but I already own a quarter of those games on console…

Double Fine Bundle

So I guess in that case I would probably only buy this instead of the bundle: