State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2
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State of Decay 2

Follow up to the critically acclaimed "State of Decay"

Expected Release



PC, Xbox One


Undead Labs



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Played this a bunch this weekend. Really liking it so far.

The game is unforgiving but in a good way. Haven’t tried the co-op yet but will dive into that this week.


I’m pretty interested in this game now after listening to the Bombcast. Would you say it’s a pretty slow burn?


After watching this, I can’t wait for all the glitch videos and GIFs to arrive (like with every WWE game release):


Its a big slow burn. I waaaaay mismanaged and my first community only made it 4 days before I led them to slaughter. Don’t think this a run and gun deal because you will die quick. Had to kill one of my community because they got infected and I couldn’t cure them. Then made a supply run with my other 2 and we had no stamina and got overrun by a handful of zombies.

I recommend watching thus first.


Been playing it on PC via Game Pass and it’s been pretty enjoyable, even with all the jank. Really wish a lot of the systems were better thought out or expanded on, as a lot of the game feels “unfinished”, especially co-op.


So after putting in 15-20 hours in the past three days, I can say this is one of the best garbage games I’ve ever played.


I am now on community 3. I was on a supply run with 2 members and had my first encounter with a special Zombie. It was one of those big battering ram sons of bitches. Car ran out of gas and he came charging out of nowhere and knocked the car off a cliff and then followed us down and ripped us in half. LOL


Community is now up to 6. Last night I moved from my initial base to a Church that has a fortified sniper tower(Church Bell Tower), as well as more building slots and car parking.

Got into my first firefight with another enclave but in the process accidentally killed one of my own. Oh well, one less mouth to feed.


This game be robbing me of my sleep.


Stop. I know I will buy it and only play an hour of it. Please save me the money and just stop it already!


Don’t buy it, just do the 14 day trial of Game Pass and play it for free.

Because it’s not worth $30.


They should put this quote on the back of the box.


Already used my trial in the early days playing ReCore, Mad Max and The Flame in the Flood. Yep, well worth it…


The game pass route is a good idea. I have yet to use my freebie.