Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
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What is this sorcery!


I run a tight ship around here!




I can’t get the reactions to line up. Lame.


That’s unfortunate.

Whoa, mine changed too, wtf? It must be arranging them alphabetically or something? odd


Halfway through my first winter at Morning Wood Farm. No crops to tend since everything’s dead, so it’s all about dem babes.

Also the mines I guess. Gotta get diamonds and various other gems for the LAY-DEEZ somehow.


The Ol’ Focus On Holes strategy, eh?






Sorry, no updates. I’m trying to get the most XP bonus out of my extra Recruit-A-Friend accounts in World of Warcraft before they expire next week.





This thread went this long with nobody saying Leah just wants her salad tossed?

You have all failed me.


Surely over the weekend you played at least once? This game should be like Animal Crossing where you will grow weeds and your crop will die if you don’t check it regularly.

Speaking of which, since I’m still waiting for this to come to Mac I decided to boot up Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise to scratch my itch. It seems to be doing the trick so far, but we’ll see.


Sort of on a similar topic: remember State of Decay? Riddler and I were reminiscing about the awesome mechanic of your AI friends (or whatever they were called) doing chores and whatnot when you weren’t in the game, but always dying pretty much immediately. That’s Jeff, but with melons.


[quote=“LASSIE, post:116, topic:540, full:true”]
That’s Jeff, but with melons.[/quote]

Both kind.



Bitter melons, I’m sure.


I said both kinds…