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Stardew Valley
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More like Haley, you whore.


Oh man, Abigail too.


:musical_note:Haley don’t want no short-short eels.:notes:


What is up with your town? hahah


Seriously, I had no idea how dirty this game was. I mean, I knew you were on a farm and all, but DAMN!


FYI, those aren’t from my town. I just saw them on the Stardew Valley subreddit.

I think they requested items are randomly generated, ad-lib style, and they just happened to line up in the best way.

Penny may be a soft-spoken cutie who needs rescuing from her mom, but I think I’m going to drop her for Abigail. She has a SNES and a poster of Chrono in her room. That’s like Decfon level 1 waifu material right there.


Haley keeps reminding me of how dirty I am, and I’m always like “BITCH, I’D BE A TERRIBLE FARMER IF I WASN’T DIRTY.” I swear, one of these days she’s gonna get a face full of egg via the slingshot I just found in the mines. Right to the moon.


[quote=“Threctory, post:87, topic:540, full:true”]
…she’s gonna get a face full of egg via the slingshot…[/quote]


First, face full of man egg, then an actual egg as I’m leaving.


Yass, now that it’s autumn, it’s pumpkin farming time. Mo’ pumpkins, mo’ money, and by money I mean third base with Abigail. She loves the big, orange P.


Is this a farm sim or a dating sim?




Waifu Acquisition Software.


It’s like real life.


So at the end of the day are you hoping to be holding some nice mellons or be holding some nice mellons?





Updates, please.


I didn’t have a chance to play yesterday, and you made me raid in Destiny on Saturday, so nothing new to report from Morning Wood Farm.


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