Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley

An open-ended country-life RPG in which players can manage their own farm and interact with the surrounding community.

First Released

February 26, 2016


Mac, PC, PlayStation Network (Vita), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, Nintendo Switch


ConcernedApe, Sickhead Games


Role-Playing, Simulation, Fishing

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I’ve never gotten in to Harvest Moon, but this game has been taking over the twitter-sphere lately.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on Windows, so I won’t be playing it anytime soon, but it sounds like a great way to kill many, many hours. I know PC Master Race @FoxChard has been playing it, but he probably is too busy virtual farming to grace us with his presence.


I read good things about this and how cracky it is.



This game was made by one person. A single person. And he’s crazy engaged with the community and has been issuing patches very quickly.


I’m really starting to feel the itch for this game…

[quote=“LASSIE, post:4, topic:540, full:true”]
This game was made by one person. A single person. And he’s crazy engaged with the community and has been issuing patches very quickly.[/quote]

Dayum, really?


Yup, me too. Just waiting on a mac port, but with how busy that dev must be, I’m not expecting it anytime soon.


Yup. He’s been engaging a lot of the community. Like, people will tweet him with an issue or whatever, he’ll respond, and the patch is out like the next day. He’s been pretty awesome and this success is well deserved for that is a great game and seemingly a nice guy.


Have you played this yet, Jay (can I finally call you Jay btw?). Or do you not have a PC that will run this powerhouse?


Is the game procedurally generated in any way?

EDIT: Seems that the town layout and the people are the same every time; just the mine is procedurally generated.


I don’t think my laptop can run it and didn’t want to spend $15 to find out. I looked for a demo but there isn’t one (at least without looking in Steam).

And, yeah, of course you can call me by my first name.


It’s a 16-bit(ish) game, how can your laptop not run that?


Also, I think maybe where the people spawn and maybe their personalities are procedurally generated?


Dude, it’s like the first Dell laptop ever. I open more then like 2 tabs in my browser and that fan kicks in in overdrive.


Cancel your subscription to White Belt Quarterly and maybe you’d have money to buy a new(ish) laptop.

Or move out of THE CITY.



Jeff, Shane…are we all jumping on board the friend train?



NEVER (for both).


Human centipede.