Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
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Happy trailer eve.




Go F yourself in your ear with a sea shell. Doooooope.

The ruins of the Death Star at the end with Palps laughing…hhhhnnnnng


I had originally liked your post, but I saw the “meh” and retracted it. Take that.


I had originally liked it before I watched it, and then after watching it I decided it needed a nice highlight to show my approval of the commentary.


After the trailer I immediately thought of this section from the Art of TFA book. So I scrambled to my nerd cave and snapped the pic.

That’s somebody diving under water into the wreckage from DS2 and using the Falcon under water.


Looks like we need a title change for this thread. And can we also ban Rewfus and Threctory?


Title change request granted.


What about those bans? I think they deserve it even more now. :rage:











Kylo Ren getting a 4 part mini series covering his rise to power and the Knights of Ren. Comes out in December


Maybe some of that should have been in the movies.


Oh, I agree 100% and feel that had JJ done all 3 we would have seen more of it. But I’ll settle for this.


I legit teared up at the C3PO part


Got tickets for 6:40 opening night with a group of 20(we bought out a whole row) and then seeing it on Sunday again at Alamo. Because nothing says manliness like crying into my french fries on a Sunday.


Tickets purchased!


Three years of Disney+ already queued up so I look forward to sharing my shallow thoughts 2 years after the rest of you see it!