Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
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Movie begins filming next week.


First set pic from JJ Abrahms today.

Looks like the Falcon cockpit with Finn in the middle, Chewie on the left back, and possibly Rey or Poe to the right but mostly blocked by the camera.



Set pictures are staring to hit the net. Spoilers ahead.


That’s a wrap.

Now, where’s mah teaser for the teaser trailer?!?!?!?!?!


I’m getting a little itchy for that teaser as well.



Well, hello Knights of Ren and Lando’s daughter. And a very good morning to you, my freshly minted Red Stormtroopers.

Celebration is in 2 weeks.


Wait. Does 3PO have a bowcaster?!?!??!?!!




He does. Holy shit.


This thing get a name yet?

Who’s the fish face dude?


We’ll probably get the name with the trailer on April 13.


The brand new and zany comic relief character, kids will love him!


Upon further review, this poster looks super tacky and is either a decent fake or an unfinished promo image.


Exactly what I was thinking


It is not. It is a poster that will sell at Celebration and then in retail shortly after.



(I’ve been looking to find out if this is real and there is just so much speculation)

#18, who is veeerrrry, reliable had the story and a character list along with it. But the site has crashed since this afternoon.


Here. Other sources are saying this is a Celebration/retail poster. MSW is saying it’s just retail and they are not sure if that is the final design for the Red Stormtroopers (who apparently report to Kylo and the KoR)