Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian
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Tropes are fine if the characters and the writing are there, but I’m also waiting to judge the series until I watch more than one episode. Loving the music so far though, especially that main theme; feels like someone mixed Morricone in with Star Wars.

With that said, I do agree with you about finding the Blurg(?) riding scene super corny.


I thought the beginning was cool and the cinematography and FX were movie-quality. I thought the part with Carl Weathers was great. I thought the scene with Werner Herzog was fantastic. I thought the scenes with Nick Nolte were cheesy and I found the scene with IG-11 to be nothing short of AWESOME! Overall, the first episode was near perfect for me.


A friend of mine got to attend a screening of the first 3 episodes and said that the next 2 are nothing short of incredible.


People also cheer at a Trump rally, but I hope he’s right.


Umm…I decided to rise and shine with the Mando today. @Rewfus can officially suck it. This show is doooooooooope.


Also, I completely missed the Holiday Special references in my initial viewing.

Speaking of, John Favreau is wanting a new Star Wars Holiday special of his own.


I caught it when the bounty mentioned Life Day… were there other references I missed?


I thought the Ugnaught referenced the Mandalorians ability to ride a certain creature, a Mythosaur, which I’m pretty sure is the creature he’s riding in the Holiday Special.


I did not catch that one.




I finally had a chance to watch this…@Rewfus isn’t wrong. There definitely are some cheesy ass moments. That said though, I’m still interested to see where it takes the story.


Ugh, @MrBimble just spoiled the second ep for me, which I was only half-way through before getting distracted.


Ship is broken, he fixes it

I guess there is no need to finish it now.


I just saved you 15 minutes. What will you do with that time?


Save it to watch the entirety of Ep 3.



Sooooo episode 3 is fantastic.


How does a Madalorian eat? Or pick their nose? Or scratch their head?


I like to assume that he and the other Mandalorians do actually take off their helmet, just not in the presence of others. Otherwise that’s just silly.



Also, weird is that Sabine in Rebels had her helmet off more than she had it on.