Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian
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I just saved you 15 minutes. What will you do with that time?


Save it to watch the entirety of Ep 3.



Sooooo episode 3 is fantastic.


How does a Madalorian eat? Or pick their nose? Or scratch their head?


I like to assume that he and the other Mandalorians do actually take off their helmet, just not in the presence of others. Otherwise that’s just silly.



Also, weird is that Sabine in Rebels had her helmet off more than she had it on.


Absolutely, but they like to keep reminding us that a Mandalorian never removes their helmet.


But does it really count though? Because Rebels…


What I keep forgetting is that this universe is a campy space opera, and it knows what it is and leans in to it. Episode 3 solidified that, and I appreciate it for what it is, even if it’s not what I want. This is the way…out.






Because that Tweet got deleted:


In other news, Episode 7 loads on Wednesday this week with a preview of Ep 9 after the credits. I don’t need a preview… but I’m wondering if there will be some sort of tie-in during the episode. Maybe a Poe Dameron cameo or something cool like that.


Nah, we already have one child to pay attention to. The Mandalorian takes place 25 years before Episode 7.


Maybe a setup for an easter egg in the movie? Or maybe they just don’t want two Star Wars things releasing on the same day.


Sooooo anybody watch the finale yet? It’s good. Like, it’s really good.


Just got home from work, thanks for the reminder.




Right? Looks like I’ll be doing this today.