Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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I’m really trying to avoid watching trailers and reading about this film but I loved The Force Awakens so much that I can’t help myself. December 15th can’t come quickly enough.





New footage dropping tonight during Disney’s Holiday Special on ABC. Supposed to be a new “story” trailer.


This is pretty cool.




International Trailer looks sweet.


Ummmmm…yeah. This is from the latest TV spot.



Tickets purchased for tomorrow night!


One thing I’ve been able to do is avoid spoilers this time around. Really want to be surprised.

What I’m hoping for is something different. With Solo coming up in May now is the time to do or the franchise could become safe. I don’t want safe. I mean, I wouldn’t be bummed out completely but I need something new. That is all I’m asking. Just something. Could be small. Just new.

That being said if its a rehash of ESB or RotJ I won’t care. Im part of the problem. Next post will be post movie thoughts.


Amazing. Simply amazing.

There’s sooooo much to talk about and discuss in terms of what happened and how a seemingly odd ending can mean so much.

Only 2 major complaints and they are minor. There’s some attempted humor in the opening minutes that felt way off.

That and the Maz scene was fucking terrible. That could have been handled differently

Now the stuff that blew my mind.

Edit: never mind. Spoiler tag decided not to work. Almost made some folks mad. Good thing I read it before closing up.



I thought it was a good movie. Some thoughts/questions…

  • The Maz scene was odd but didn’t bother me
  • What did bother me was Leia surviving the blast and being out in space. Come on man.
  • The Porgs did not disappoint
  • The kid at the very end, did he use the force to grab the broom? I swear it looked like the handle of the broom came to him but I couldn’t tell for sure.


So happy I got that spoiler tag working again. I probably won’t be seeing this until blu-ray. :cry:


Oh and do you believe what Kylo said about Rey’s family? Is that mystery solved?


2nd viewing in the books. Yes. I’m that person.

Agree to disagree on the Maz scene. Pointless.
Leia in space I did not have a problem with it at all. Finally tapping into her Force powers yo.
Kid at the end 100% used the Force to get the broom That’s whats so awesome about it. To me it speaks to a larger thing at play which is you don’t have to be somebody to be a hero.
Porgs were awesome.
Phasma is the new Fett.
Canto Bight could have been edited way down or not in there at all. Could have contacted Maz about sending them a slicer to meet up with. But then you wouldn’t have that interesting closing scene. Sooo…
Yoda was the show stealer for me. Loved seeing him in his ESB form both physically and with smartass attitude.
Luke done fucked up with Kylo. Went straight up sociopath in order to keep his ego and legend in check.Because of this I found Kylo to be instantly a better character than Anakin. Not Vader, but Anakin.
I felt awful seeing him sleeping and his crazy ass uncle standing over him.
Thought Poe and Holdo had a Top Gun romance in the works. lol.
The Throne Room scene was the stuff of wet wet dreams. So amazing.
I do think Rey is a nobody. When in the sea cave she had a moment when looking in the “mirror” and was searching for her parents origins but only saw her reflection. Much like in ESB when Luke sees his face in Vaders helmet.
Luke becoming one with the Force was epic. There’s a shot right before that of him sitting on the rock and the twin suns are in the back ground…what up tears.
They are in a pickle with Leia. They had an out to kill her off and could’ve reshot the end with just Poe in charge and had Luke say his goodbyes via the Force while in her coma. Not sure how they handle this.

Ugh. So much to talk about.


Not even going to get spoiled… all I know is I heard a very “bad” reaction to the last 45 minutes of the movie. So it sounds like they didn’t play it safe. I’m intrigued, to be honest.


F people. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. These are probably the same morons who were mad that TFA was to familiar.

I thought it did a great job moving the franchise forward.