Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Kinda loud.

Cassian Andor series starts shooting in a few months according to Diego Luna. Saw him talking about it while promoting Narcos Mexico S2

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So, Clone Wars. Its awesome.

Is clone wars the one that jumps all around in the timeline?

Just answered my own question…

Don’t feel bad skipping episodes that are Jar-Jar or C3P0/R2D2/Padme focused. There’s only a few, but they’re all lame and completely irrelevant to anything of consequence.

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Looking forward to it.

Well, you can check Galaxy’s Edge off the list. It is God damn incredible. Spent about 4hrs there in the morning yesterday and then my son and I went back at night and spent another 2hrs there. The level of detail and immersion are just overwhelming. Here’s a list of everything we accomplished along with some pics.

Rise if the Resistance - Not even sure what to say about this. It’s part live action show, part ride, and part Star Tours. You start out in the Resistance base being “briefed” by Rey, Pie, a Mon Calamari, and a live worker. From there you are ushered across an outdoor landing pad and into a transport. This is where the magic begins because soon after you are being ushered to a holding cell aboard a Star Destroyer by live people in full character. Then phase 2 and 3 of the ride begin. It’s insane. The detail in the animatronics is breathtaking and very life like.

Smugglers Run - We rode this twice. The cockpit holds 6 and each person has a job to do during the ride. Based on how your team does the ride can be smooth or bumpy and earn a score. Proud to say I was the high scorer for the day as an engineer. It was awesome. Flicking switches, sequence of buttons, activating and moving the shields, and a few other things. The detail in the Falcon put a lump in my throat. I almost shed a tear. I eventually did but that came later in the day. More on that soon.

Oga’s Cantina - We made reservations to have drinks here and they rotate people in by the hour. The drinks are alcoholic and non-alcoholic.Some of them are smoking, some are bubbling, etc etc. We each had a drink and mine was essentially a raspberry lemonade with some habanero in it and it was very tasty. The music is like something one would find in a sci-fi night club and is spun by a droid. The bartenders got the whole bar singing a Gungan war song and that was pretty awesome.

Savis’s Workshop - My son was able to build his own saber. This is where I teared up. About 12 builders and a guest are allowed in and what takes place is a ceremony. The emcee goes through the history of the Lightsaber and each person is asked to think about what they stand for and then they pick parts based on that. From there they assemble a hilt that is really solid and has some weight to it(about 6lbs). Once the hilt is assembled and they pick a crystal the emcee calls on Yoda to guide the new “Jedi”. This is where I cried. The song "Yoda and the Force from ESB is played while Yoda speaks to the crowd in the darkened room and when it’s done the blades have magically been attached and are lit all at once. The builders then raise them in the air. I have a video of it but I don’t want to spoil it.

On top of all this there is a large outdoor market place like you may find in India. Here you can find all sorts of items to buy, food, Blue and Green Milk etc etc etc. All in all it’s just pure magic.

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Sounds lame.


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I couldn’t NOT read that link summary in a Jony Ive voice.

Also, who is the darkside queen?

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The decks are the same, outside of the packaging.

K: Darth Vader
Q: Queen Amidala
J: Boba Fett
A: Luke’s X-Wing

K: Luke (Old)
Q: Rey
J: Lando
A: Slave I

K: Darth Sidious
Q: Mon Mothma
J: Kylo Ren
A: Vader’s Tie Fighter

K: Obi-Wan (Old)
Q: Leia
J: Han Solo
A: Millennium Falcon


BTW… I forgot how good The Clone Wars show is. I binged what was there over the weekend and it just blows Rebels and Resistance away.