Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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The moment this trailer debuted, my friend and I slipped away from the party we were at and watched this on the big screen TV 11 times.


Also PS4. And, somehow, I’ve never played either of these 2 games before. So, I guess I need to own them both when they release. Wait, does this mean they’re canon now?


Both are great and the reason I switched from PS2 to the original Xbox(along with the first Splinter Cell)


Warning: If you invert your axis on FPS games, this game does not have that option. I’m okay cuz I’m normal, so I’m going to buy this. When I have some free gaming time.


Pfft… Inverted fo life!


Corrected that fo you.



2 things.

First, a good friend of mine got to do the art work for these new SW Pinball machines

Second, it’s Force Friday and I’m working at Target tonight. Some jackass just tried to steal almost $1000 wort of the Vintage collection figures and some Target exclusives. By the arm load he blindly dumped stuff into a cart and made a run for the exit. Did t make it. Idiot security guy stopped him before he left the store the dude just kept walking after ditching the cart. Had he stopped him once he crossed the threshold, police time.




Apparently there is a conflict of interest because of their Netflix deal. Go figure.


Oh, on a side note, I was reading an interview with Ewan McGregor where he gave some details about the Obi-Wan series.

It will be a 6 part mini series.

He’s known about it for 4 years and it was originally a movie but they felt they needed more time to tell the story.

A lot of it will focus on Obi-Wan dealing with the loss of the Jedi and said he is really excited to have an opportunity to explore the character as he transitions from War hero to hermit.

Joel Edgerton is most likely coming back as Uncle Owen.


Good. Those two are hacks.


As long as the Old Republic movie(s) are still happening, I’m happy.


If the Old Republic rumor/tease actually happens, I would much prefer a mini-series over a movie.