Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR. Please be KotoR.


Ron Howard as Arrested Development narrator

“It won’t be.”


This is pretty cool. At times it’s quite awesome looking while at others…not so much. But still, its a thing?



That makes 3 potential Star Wars trilogies in development: The Game of Thrones guys, Rian Johnson and now KotoR.

I’m cool with that.



My fear is that I’ll die of old age before I get to see it all.

I have 2 weeks of summer in front of me until I morph into Mr. Volleyball Carpool Man. During this time I plan on live blogging Star Wars films. LOL.


Trip to Disney booked for March. Here’s hoping we can get in to Galaxy’s Edge. We have early park access since we are staying at the resort and have a whole day set aside just Disney Hollywood so we can see GE. But ya never know.


Sweet. Disney World or Disney Land? I think they said there will be a 4 hour limit for GE in an attempt to get everyone in. Hopefully you don’t spend 3 of the 4 hours standing in one line.

We’re going in Sept 2020.


Disney World. I think the 4hr thing is over now but they will still have a way to make sure folks get in. They will have a fast pass type of thing that gives you a time to come in and is based on capacity. I have a few friends who have gone and said 4hrs was almost too much time as they only have 1 ride open for now.


Guess what I did this summer? I watched almost every significant piece of Star Wars to grace the screen. The only items I didn’t watch are The Ewok Adventure, Droids, and other smaller things like appearances on The Muppets etc. I’ve finished and am going to post a review of Star Wars here soon. I had a blast doing it and will touch on a few aspects other than the films and TV shows and will break it down into 3 eras and give an overall look at those time periods.

OT-Special Editions
Prequels-Disney Purchase
TFA-Current Day

Can’t wait.


I really think you need to do the Ewok Movies as well. You can rent them on Amazon Prime.


Yeah, I’ll probably watch it tonight. I watched the Christmas Special today. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug and our princess loved it.


Ok here it goes.

OT-Special Editions

We’ve all seen the movies so there’s no real need to deep dive them too much.

What I really liked is that there is zero exposition to any of it aside from the opening crawl. You are thrown into this world and thing are just the way they are. I still can’t tell if that was on purpose or if it was due to ANH running way past production budget and scheduling. But whatever the case you are asked to buy in right away and because of this I think it really opens up your imagination. The very premise is so simple and timeless that it doesn’t need explaining. Bad guys, good guys, bad guys kidnap princess, good guys recuse princess, the hero will have choices to make. There are so many classic and iconic moments that these 3 films give us. Moments that define pop culture and have a foothold in its history. Vader’s first appearance, Han saving the day, “I am your father”, “I Love You” “I Know”, Yoda lifting the X-Wing, Slave Leia, etc etc. I give the actual films an overall grade of an A-.

But this era brought so much more than the films. It introduced the world to the idea of a Blockbuster movie. Many people think that Jaws did that and I can see that side of the coin but Star Wars was the first Blockbuster in the sense that people saw it multiple times in the theaters and caused a marketing and merchandising explosion that would be the gold standard that is still continued to this day. How many other films have designated merchandise days that are advertised or how many films have been re-released withing a few years of being released because people were still clamoring to see it? Sure, Avengers: End Game did that recently but was it really necessary? Not so much.

Perhaps the one dark spot during this era was an attempts to keep the franchise viable while waiting for the next release. This brought us the now infamous Holiday Special which is just god awful. I remember seeing it as a kid and being excited because my heroes were back on the screen. But having just viewed it…ugh. I does not hold up. It’s void of charm and you can tell the actors sooooo don’t want to be there. Also, it makes Chewbacca seem like a real asshole. He’s essentially a dead beat dad who just bails on his family to go fuck around with Han Solo. But at least it brought us our first glimpse of Boba Fett so I guess that is good. Right?

Of course we can’t forget about Caravan of Courage: Ewok Adventure which came out post RotJ in an attempt to sell more Ewok toys. I watched this the other night and fell asleep and have no desire to watch it again, ever.

As the years went by it was up to the marketing department to keep the franchise relevant and for the most part they did a good job via the introduction of novels and every once in a while you would get a new wave of action figures. For the most part the novels were hit and miss with more misses than hits, but when they hit it was magical.

In 1997 Lucasfilm would re-release the original trilogy after having done some post production work to the films and adding or fixing elements that George Lucas says he always wanted but didn’t have the budget to do so prior to this. This is the start of Lucas’ decent from king of the world to bumbling idiot. If nothing else, this would start to show that behind every good film is a great editor. I’m not like a lot of people that think the Special Editions of the films are just awful. There is some stuff in there that has improved them but for the most part they are surface items like punching up some colors, getting rid of ghosting, or adding a the awesome sunset to Bespin. But we would also get a glimpse of what would come and that would be pure jackassery. I know I know I know, you are probably all sick of hearing it but for godsakes, HAN SHOT FIRST!!! For 20 years folks like myself grew up with Han as their boy hood hero, as a moral compass, a guy who was tough on the outside, had a sense of humor, but yet was loyal to a fault and at his core just a big softy. In the span of 2 seconds that was all undone and for an encore we got a really awkward CGI Jabba scene that looked awful then and looks even worse now. Because of this I have to give the Special Editions a overall grade of B. Yes, those 2 things dropped the previous score that much.

Prequels-Disney Purchase

You know how when you were little you would go to a party and when you walked in and saw pinata you would smile? The next 2 hours were filled with anticipation, and you finally got to beat that pinatas ass with glee and joy and you dive on the candy like a mad man only to get home and realize you got a bunch of bootleg tootsie rolls and gum that lost it’s flavor after 2 minutes. That is how I sum up everything for me leading up to The Phantom Menace. My views have been made clear on the Phantom Menace as a film, it’s pretty damn depressing but with a few moments of euphoria. I mentioned earlier how ANH needed no exposition to get you involved. George Lucas did the exact opposite here and in a strange twist he didn’t trust his fan base and instead made thing convoluted and over explained. Gone was Gary Kurtz who produced the original trilogy and had the balls to keep George Lucas in check. In his place we would get Rick McCallum who helped produce the Special Edition films and was now the man in charge of Producing the next trilogy. This is a guy who was basically there to fan Lucas’ ego and would never tell him no and boy does it show. This next set of films, if nothing else is very confusing from the premise of the trade disputes to not following through on one of Anakin’s lines “I had a dream I was a Jedi. I came back here and freed all the slaves”. What a waste of an opportunity. Hell, it could even explain why Yoda had a relationship with the damn Wookies seeing as they were used as slaves. Ugggghhhh. I hate even typing about these films. But they aren’t without their good moments. Pod Racing, Duel of Fates battle, Obi-Wan, the start of the Clone Wars, Yoda being awesome, Obi-Wan vs Jango, opening scen of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan v Anakin. But for each of those I can find something bad to counter it. I give these movies an overall grade of C- and they would be a D if not for Revenge of the Sith being pretty good.

I’ll come back later and finish up with this era and give thoughts on the Disney era.


Ok, back to it.

The prequel era also gave us both us iterations of the Clone Wars in animated form and both are great and both a great job of making me hate the prequels even more. These cartoons are soooooooo good and filled with better character arcs and hold more weight and emotion than the films.

The merchandising during this period of time is pretty bad. The Phantom Menace had a huge toy launch but it was one of those cases where too many toys were produced and you could soon find them in the bargain bins at Toys R Us. The only memorable toys to come from this era, IMO, are they Star Wars Unleashed figures. These things were and are a work of art.

After The Clone Wars ended the franchise was kind of in limbo. There were rumors of live action shows but they remained just that, rumors. Then it happened, George sold the franchise to Disney and handed over the keys to Kathleen Kennedy. From the get go I was excited because of what Disney had done with the MCU and because Kathleen Kennedy was on board and and low and behold she was bringing JJ Abrams with her.

Although TFA was mainly a rehashing of old material I think it was a necessary one as over the year Star Wars had gotten away from what made it good and this was a reminder to fans and a great introduction to new fans who had never seen SW on the big screen. By and large I think the Disney era as a whole has been a huge success across all fronts. For the most part the movies have been fantastic(Casino planet non-withstanding) and although Rebels was a big dud I really enjoyed Resistance. This era also has something that other eras don’t have and that is an abundance of good reading material whether it be comic books or novels.

Going forward I’m excited by what we have seen from the RoS trailer, The Clone Wars, and of course the Mandalorian. The future is bright indeed under Disney.

It’s crazy to think that the 50th anniversary is less than a decade away and my hope for that is a re-release of the OT theatrical versions as well as a new form of Special Edition OT. Its been rumored for a while that they could take the SE versions and update the added scene with Han and Jabba(adding a new Jabba and making it so he steps over the tail and not on it), and redo all or most of the space combat scenes using new CGI. If we also get a theatrical release I would be ok with this as I think it would be fun to see those scenes in that form.

Star Wars fatigue? Nope. Not here.



This shit is crazy.

There was another article yesterday with an outline for the Hotel. Here’s a few things I can recall.

$3000 per person or $7200 for a family of 5. That cost will get you 2 nights and 3 days.

Direct acccess to Black Spire on Batuu(Galaxy’s Edge) from the hotel.

The Hotel is a theme park itself in that each family will have a interactive adventure tailored for them during their stay with Star Wars themes attire included.

Room windows will not look onto the park but rather be a projection of space or planetscapes.



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