Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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I heard that too. That makes that show a must see now as K2SO was the best part of that movie.



The ending of that trailer made up for the ending of Solo.


But neither of those made up for Rebels.


Soooooo guess ESB is getting 40yr Aniv. figures as well. Goodbye money.



Just take all my damn money.


I need this. I didn’t know I needed this. But I need this.


Any chance we can get out of there for < $100 ?


I doubt it. Initial reports, from a few weeks ago, were that a low end one would run you $100 and that was just the hilt with combat grade blades costing as much as $75, but blades are optional.


Don’t forget the ticket into the park will run you about $2,400… I think that’s what it costs to get into Disney these days, right?


Combat grade? Does that mean they won’t completely fall apart when the kids start swinging them at each other?

Yes, they are expensive as hell! And now I have to save another $600 on lightsabers for everyone.


Combat grade blades are made of a very strong plexi-glass material and yes, they can take a beating. My son got a saber from Saber Forge with those blades and they are awesome.Jump to :40 mark and 1:30 mark to see the beating it takes.


I can hear the crying already.


From what? You getting whacked in the knuckles with that blade or from you telling the kids no?


Happy 4 year anniversary, fuck stain.


The kids attacking each other.


In the process of planning a trip to Disney World Dec. 26th-31st with 2 days set aside for Galaxy’s Edge. I’m erect.


That could make for an awkward family vacation.


Nah. I’ll bring tightie whities and a roll of duct tape to keep myself in check.