Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Hey now. You can’t include 2019 since it just began. We’ve got Jedi: Fallen Order coming out this year*.
*Year can be defined by any 12-month period and is not subject to only 2019 and can be canceled at any time for little to no reason. Do not combine with any other offer. Consult your doctor before using Jedi: Fallen Order.



I hate that there are no details on the terms of EA’s agreement with Lucasfilm/Disney.
EDIT: When it first happened it was a 10 year deal but now thats not really talked about.

I for one would love to see the franchise move to Ubi-Soft.

I also think they are making a huge mistake by not making digital versions of the Fantasy Flight miniature games such as X-Wing, Legion, Armada,Rebellion, Imperial Assault, and the SW: Card Game. Games like these are big hits on the digital download front across both console and PC. Could sell Core sets like they do in the store and then offer microtransactions for new ships and units just as they do in the stores.

I for one know of a lot of folks(table top community forums) who have wishing for this for a while. As of now the only options are fan created games using Steams table top simulator.


So 1313 got canned when EA got the deal. Then they canned Amy Hennig’s Uncharted Star Wars game and her and the studio working on it. And now they canned this game. I don’t get it.

If I were Disney, I’d try to revoke the 10-year deal from EA and divvy out the rights like Marvel. Give Sony an exclusive (a Sucker Punch Darth Maul game?), Nintendo an exclusive (something Jar Jar), Xbox has enough exclusives on their own so they clearly don’t need a Star Wars exclusive.

I kid. But truthfully, the only non-EA studio I want to see do a Star Wars game is Rocksteady. I want Criterion (EA) to do a X-wing vs. Tie Fighter VR game and/or Podracing VR game and I want Bioware (also EA) to do KOTOR 3. How is it this difficult to handle this license correctly?


I would also think that Disney could make more money by letting multiple developers work on multiple projects. I have to think this would create a bidding war.



Oh boy. My wallet is gonna be hurting thanks to this Retro Collection




We’re going in 2020.


Same. Not sure which park we will be going to though(might be moving back to southern california in a few months) but we plan on taking a few days when it’s not a Spring Break or Summer time.


We’re looking at DisneyWorld in the fall of 2020 to hopefully avoid some crowds.



Clone Wars leaves Netflix on 4/7. Boooooo


No way that Disney+ will launch that quickly, right? Any estimated dates on that yet, or just sometime this calendar year?


I don’t think Disney+ is close to launching and wouldn’t be surprised to see Clone Wars back on Netflix for a short period prior to it’s launch.

Star Wars Celebration is April 11-15 and there are panels planned for both The Mandalorian and Clone Wars so I would expect a Disney+ launch date to be revealed then.





Agree. Let some anticipation build for the next set of films.

Bring on the Mandalorian and the Cassian series.


Oh, Alan Tudyk confirmed he’s back as K2SO for the Cassian series.