Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Just give me the Porg film already.



That gave me a raging hard porg-ner.


Finished the “Legends of Luke Skywalker” book. That was a really fun and quick read. Gonna try and read the “From A Certain Point of View” book over break.



Cannot wait to see what he does. Personally, I think he’s going back to the birth of the Jedi. It’s been rumored for sometime now that the tree seen in the EP8 stuff has a ton to do with their origins. So maybe he touches on the birth of the light and dark side.


Johnson confirmed yesterday that the films will have zero ties to any of the movies planned and that it will not deal with the Old Republic.

This. This has made me most happy. Cannot wait to see what he does.



In case I was a little vague, they will not relate to any of the movies already made or planned.




That appears to be not working. Here’s one. Vimeo…LOL


Was on the train, saw the story, copy/paste. You think I QA this stuff for you nerds? Pfft.


Including the distribution rights for Star Wars I-VI.


If there’s a way for Disney to get more of our money from Star Wars they’ll take it, right?

I mean, the original movies on blu-ray could really happen, right? Maybe the THX remastered versions or something?


Hey, I can proudly say that I’ve only ever given Disney money for movie tickets. I have yet to buy an actual, physical copy of the Star Wars saga.

I’ve been waiting for so long…




Every time I read something with “The Star Wars” or “A Star Wars” , that phrasing always brings this to mind: