Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Marshawn Lynch needs to stop doing stupid things.


He’s just there to get fined.


But he offsets those dumb in-game things with stuff like:



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Speaking during an interview with the Star Wars show, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy stated the franchise will continue with its newly introduced characters—specifically mentioning Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8, so make of that what you will—well beyond Episode IX, and that the studio is currently “looking at the next ten years” of Star Wars film and spinoffs.


Hey, remember when this was going to happen?

Another good thing that came out of Disney taking over. This thing got canned.


Jesus fuck. No, I did not remember anything about that.

Fucking gross.


What he ^^^^^^ said.


I remember almost throwing my lap top when Seth Green introduced that at SW Celebration. That was a dark day.


Picked up the books “From a certain point of view…” and “The Legends of Luke Skywalker” today. Gonna read them over the Thanksgiving break.


Kinda poked around the books a bit. I’m gonna love these. So, one of those crashed Star Destroyers on Jakku? Luke brought it down using the Force. Think I’m gonna start the Legends of Luke Skywalker tonight based on that alone.


Oh, that does sound good. It was pretty epic the first time I saw that when I was playing The Force Unleashed.



I think I’m getting Star Wars fatigue quicker than I did with Marvel movies…


Oh, we aren’t done yet…


In other news, I guess I’m getting that Disney streaming service after all.


Too much Star Wars. LOL.


I mean, yeah, if it’s just more of the “same” kind of stuff.

The upside to Rian Johnson is that all of his previous movies are very different from one another, so if Lucasfilm gives him a good amount of freedom we could finally get some more “unique” Star Wars stories. They mention that his trilogy would be breaking away from the Skywalker family, so good news so far.


We’re going to get a Star Wars movie every year from here until eternity.