Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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A fine choice, no?


A safe choice, no doubt.

Not who I’d prefer tbh.


Well, as we’ve seen, they’re not into ‘risky’ choices.


[trump] SAD. [/trump]


Eh, there are worse choices than Abrams, I guess. At least it’ll be competent…?


Yeah, like Trevorrow.


This sounds amazing. Series of short stories.

Opens with the time gap between Rogue One and ANH. Also includes a Obi-Wan story post death.


@Lassie ?


I’m ‘porgin’ my porg’ to this pic.



Are you picking it up?




I anxiously await your review.


They say R5 popping his top was a mystery, but I always thought R2 actually sabotaged him intentionally. I thought that idea came from the BBC radio version of Star Wars, which I think was canon, but I could be wrong.



This just in. Rebels still sucks. I really don’t know how they are gonna wrap this thing up seeing as it’s their last season.

And I swear…if the “Ezra is Snoke” theory comes true…please dear 8lb 5oz baby Jesus in the gold fleece diaper, don’t let this be the case. I’m not ready to stop liking Star Wars.


I haven’t watched it yet because I’m at work and it appears it could be NSFW, and I mostly just wanted to test to see if FB Videos would embed (which they apparently don’t), but I love anything that comes out of this man’s mouth, so I’m sure it’s great.