Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Well, looks like I’m watching Rogue One today.


Finished a few books recently.

Aftermath: Empire’s End - This entire series was great. Some great nuggets in there that tie into the new trilogy but leave some room for more stories.

Rebel Rising - Rogue One companion book that covers Jyn and Saw’s time together as she’s growing up. Really fun read.

Catalyst- Rogue One prequel about Gaylen and Krinnic and their history together. Pretty solid read not heavy on the action but gives some good background.

The only ones I need to read are Dark Deciple and Ahsoka. Really looking forward to Inferno Squad.

The problem Im having is that all the stories are running together and it’s easier for me to commit visuals to memory than it is the written word. LOL.

So far my favorites are the Aftermath books, Battlefront: Twilight Company, Rebel Rising, and Lords of the Sith.

The ones Im not meh about are Heir to the Jedi and Tarkin.


I’m 4 comics into the Darth Maul series and every issue is making me hate The Phantom Menace more and more—such a wasted character.


Funny. Because Rebels will make you tire of him.



He’s got some great arcs in Clone Wars, but I assume you’ve watched those?


Yup. I was a bit concerned when he was first revealed, but him and Savage Opress had some impressive scenes later on.



Saw that last night.


I already love Disneyland, so yeah…I’m in.




Inferno Squad was awesome. Quick read too. Not to longhand well paced.

On a side note, Captain Rex has officially been retconed in to RotJ.



I just went from six to midnight.


I ran out of skin.





Depends on how they handle it. If it’s like the Godfather it could be good. Don Corleone was more a big player as a shot caller but not at the forefront of the action. Jabba could be the same way with his Bounty Hunters leading the charge or doing his bidding.