Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Also have a few random 6inch Black Series figures.


Here’s a fun mega thread from io9 for today.

Happy 40th Star Wars.


How the FUCK is the Clone Wars series so good?!


Because Rick McCallum wasn’t there to suck GL’s dong.

Dave Fiolini actually had the guts to tell GL “No” and do what he wanted and Lucas was in a place that he was ok with giving up control.


This video is an exercise in frustration.

Watching all the Extras from EP1 is the ultimate exercise in frustration though.

The amount of “yes” men at work here is disgusting. It sucks to see John Knoll and Doug Chaing have their hands tied. There are a few times where you can actually see the “WTF?” on their face followed by a “of course. That would great”. YUCK.



Followed by this great dialogue between Lucas and Spielberg.

“That’s going to be great"
"It’s going to be great”
“That’s going to be great”
“It’s going to be great”
“That’s going to be great”


GL using the Jedi mind trick.


Im failing as a parent


He arrived! To quote Krennic "ooooh its beautiful "







There really is a desperate need to tie things together these days. I’d be curious to see what transpired in her life to get from little Ewok friend to ruthless commander of evil legions, but for the most part:


Oh no.


That’s hilarious! Has he responded to you before?


No. That’s actually the first time I’ve Tweeted him.


Speaking of retconing stuff, did anybody catch this at Star Wars Celebration? Fiolini showed the concept art of Captain Rex, bottom left picture, which led to him saying that he could very well be the dude in the bottom right picture. So expect that to happen when he needs to decide his fate.


I saw that. And don’t mind it.

Also, @Jango… thoughts on this?

Even after all of your complaints about Rebels, I still want to watch it.


As much as I hate Rebels I loved the easter eggs in R1. Herra’s name is also called over the intercom at Yavin 4 at one point.

I like the concept of Rebels just think the execution and some of the cannon being introduced is awful. Plus Herra, the Ghost, and Chopper are one of the few things I enjoy about it.