Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Come on, YouTube… you can handle all these viewers. Do or do not. There is no try.


I think it’s more on Verizon’s end rather than YouTube’s.


Do Duel of the Fates next!





Here’s the tribute.


Who’s ready for that trailer?


Funny you should ask, because someone just leaked a cam version of it.



Bruh, we have a thread for that.


Oh yeah. I always forget about that thread, because I’m super afraid of spoilers.


Happy May the 4th!


Have another.


So I’m going through The Clone Wars in chronological order, and I gotta say…

…Jar-Jar Binks is the fucking worst.


I 100% avoid all his episodes.


Picked this up over the weekend.

Got the “Early Bird” Vader too. Should be in the mail today.

Wave 2 out tomorrow. Just want Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Death Squad Commander, and C3-P0 from it.

Still searching for Han Solo though.


Do you have a display setup, or do you keep them in the box for maximum collector status?


I keep them in the box. Our walk-in closet in the master is pretty damn big and I have shelf space in there that I have them on, along with my X-Wing miniature ships, and other Star Wars table top games too.

I also have these up there unboxed.


Who is that top character? Doesn’t look like someone I would want to meet in a back alley.