Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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SWCO officially opens in 13mins so maybe, just maybe.


And it’s already behind schedule.


40th Anniversary Panel Live


Apparently they heard me.

Now how about fixing the audio syncing.


Oh hey, they listened to me again.

I am all powerful.

Fear me.


Tell them to show the Last Jedi trailer.


Nice seeing George Lucas.


“Critically Acclaimed Star Wars Rebels”



I think I saw Warrick Davis’ nose grow when that was said.


BTW, I’ve never liked Fiolini’s stupid hat.


Curious to see what kind of response Rick McCallum would get if he walked out on stage.


These aren’t bad with the exception of Chewbacca which is terrifying and looks like he’s about to go in dry.

Pretty sure my daughter will want at least 3 of these. She’s a huge fan of Jyn.




Holy shit, Ford showed up!


Wow! What a reception! I was not expecting him.


Wonder how much weed he smoked before coming out on stage to calm himself, because he seems to be doing real well compared to previous public appearances.


That was a fantastic tribute to Carrie Fisher.


Now the Princess theme live by John Fucking Williams.


Goddamn, they’re pulling out all the stops on this celebration aren’t they.


Also, fuck everyone that has their phone or tablet out filming this. Fucking watch it yourself, no one is going to care when you post it on Facebook.