Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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I rewatched Rogue One the other night, and I don’t understand how you guys are rating it so high. I found the first two-thirds of the movie pretty boring outside of K2SO’s snarkyness and I still can’t even remember anyone’s name except Jyn’s, and she was not that engaging of a character IMO.


I just thought it was a very well made and balanced movie. I enjoyed it from start to finish and I thought the characters were great.


I think part of the reason for me liking it so much is because the first 2/3 lets you in behind the curtain and you get a good glimpse at the inner workings of the Rebellion. You get to see that the “good guys” are indeed very flawed and have indeed done some dark things in the name of the Rebellion. That is what appeals to me so much.

I can see how placing it ahead of A New Hope might be dicey since it got THE ball rolling. But I still place it there because I think the characters from the OT don’t truly shine until ESB.


Yeah, I can totally understand the interest in that. That “behind-the-curtain” stuff is definitely what kept me from skipping forward.



Holy shit. Dem chills.


Making good choices today.



Filming scenes specifically for trailers is some ‘Grade A’ horseshit if you ask me.


I kind of agree. I can understand if they were filmed and taken out of the final product due to re-shoots, which is the case with a lot of it here. But that Tie Fighter shot being used because the marketing team liked it is some bullshit.They have caught a lot of flack over it with the hardcore community so i would be surprised if it happens with The Last Jedi.

What I want to see is a reel of all the scenes and sequences that never made it in to the final product.





Star Wars:Thrawn came out yesterday and I was planning on skipping it due to the flacid penis that is Thrawn in Rebels.

But after reading some reviews it sounds like Timmothy Zahn is…well…doing Timmothy Zahn things and writing some well crafted Star Wars stuff. Some reviewers have said that it also made them hate Rebels just that much more because of the opportunity wasted. That pretty much sealed the deal.


If anybody is interested in the events of Aftermath:Empires End here’s a good recap.


This was introduced last night on the eve of SWCO.


Hayden Christensen returns to Celebration for the first time since 2002 and will be a big part of the 40th Anniversary Pannel


So do they open with the trailer or save it for Friday?


I would think they save it for Friday during the EP8 pannel