Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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I now have more reason to hate Rebels.

You mean to tell me that they were going to have Vader kill Maul in S2 and didn’t? Filoni says it would have been a bit of fan fiction service and thats why. So. What. Maul is already beyond fan fiction at this point. I would have shit myself if Vader cut his ass down.


Ok. That duel between Obi-Wan and Maul…

Fuck you Rebels. Fuck you Filoni. This show is such a waste of time. To say it was underwhelming is a vast understatement. Obi- Wan cut him down in 3 hits. No Im not joking. And F all the people on MSG boards and Facebook trying to convince themselves and others that it was great. It wasn’t. 4 months of hype and it ended with all the muster of a mouse fart.


I just saw a blurb about Clone Wars not being pulled from Netflix after all. Somebody was reviewing the Rebels finale(guess it wasn’t the Maul episode) and they basically said "now that Netflix has decided to keep the Clone Wars just go watch this show instead of wasting your time with Rebels. LOL


Huh, somehow all six seasons magically appeared on my hard drive. Guess I’ll have to be a good boy after all.


I mentioned in the Battlefront thread how myself and Oni were talking about how we thought EA has mishandled the franchise. So we came up with a list of game we thought would be successful. Here they are. Let me know what you think and add anything you’d like to see.

Star Wars MMO - If Elder Scrolls can do it then why not Star Wars?

KOTOR 3 - Duh. This doesn’t even have to be explained.

Star Wars “Fulcrum” - Fulcrum agents were used by the Rebels at the dawn of the Reblion(Cassian Andor is a Fulcrum agent). They were used as spies, double agents, assassins, used to recruit, and used to help planets in need. Our thought was this could be played like The Division in that it’s set up very similar as far as picking traits and skills and being CO-OP or solo. You could travel the system from the Rebel Base HUB and pick from a variety of missions. Some on record and some blackhat off the record stuff as well. Would also like to be able to play mini games like Sabacc or Dejarik as a way to earn extra credit to spend on whatever you would spend credits on. Gear, weapons, intel etc.

Pod Racing - How has this not happened? Give us something like Wipeout

Republic Commando reboot/sequel. That game was so solid.

Star Wars RTS. Could be like Halo Wars or we thought it might be fun to copy the Toy Soldier’s model and make it using Star Wars action figures from 1977-Present day.

X-Wing Minature, Armada, and The Star Wars Card Game from Fantasy Flight all digitized.

Clearly we need to be in the EA/Star Wars think tank. LOL


KotOR 3 would be sweet!

They just added Darth Nihilus to the Galaxy of Heroes game and he is super fun to use.


You touched on something else we were complaining about. It seems that they got the Star Wars right just to make mobile games. LOL


[quote=“Jango, post:446, topic:36”]
KOTOR 3 - Duh. This doesn’t even have to be explained.[/quote]


Just give me a god damn full fledged X-Wing VR game, for fuck’s sake!


Here’s some heavy rumor news so take it with a grain of salt. says they have a source at Disney. This source has been talking about Disney’s plans for post EP9 films and saying they have a plan much like they did with Marvel Phase 3. There have been ideas talked about and even some early concept art shown. Of the ideas shared the following 3 have gained traction.

A stand alone Obi-Wan film that takes place between EP3 and EP4. Yes please. The source said they have even asked Gareth Edwards if he would be interested in directing this one.

The Boba Fett film that has been talked about before. This is moving from a one man show to a Bounty Hunter team up with Fett as the lead.

The final one that they really like is a “tragic romance aimed at the YA set”. Lost Stars maybe? If they did Lost Stars that would be great.


Finished reading Aftermath: Empire’s End.

Good stuff. The crew that is the main focus of the series is so much fun.

Not a ton of huge plot points for the new trilogy of films, at least in the way I thought there would be, but it was still a lot of fun.


So how much Star Wars is it gonna take for there to be too much Star Wars?


I’m not sick of Marvel yet, so they’ve got a ways to go.


It’s an interesting topic for sure. I think the movies will follow the Marvel model and have one a year. They will make money and return on the investment. If nothing else you have a rabid fan base that will see them in theaters multiple times and buy multiple copies of the Blu-Ray or the 3D Blu-Ray. I think the movies won’t suffer as it’s an easy form of entertainment to digest and doesn’t require a lot of investment.

Star Wars has now become a verb. It’s an event. It’s something that is passed down from generation to generation. As long as the stories are good it will remain timeless. Especially now that the films have a such diverse cast not to mention that the last 2 films have been based around very strong female leads. Leads that were so good they are now part of the debate as to who your favorite character is.

I do however think that there is too much to consume as far as non movie titles go. But the good thing is there is enough diversity there that you can pick and choose what suits you the consumer.


That reminds me… I have 2 Darth Maul comics to read.


Is this the Marvel limited series?




I’ve noticed a couple trends in the new canon novels:

  • Former bounty hunters turned rebels (Brand in Twilight Company, Jas Emari in Aftermath, Sabine in Rebels).

  • A very casual inclusion or implication of same sex couples. I don’t have a problem with it at all, but it almost seems more prevalent than would be likely, or like they’re intentionally pointing it out even more than they talk about straight couples. I feel like there’s been three or four casual mentions or actual characters in the new canon. Just strikes me like they’re trying a little too hard.


Was listening to a Star Wars podcast over the weekend and this came up.

One of the host’s had a point that I don’t think has been talked about a lot. He was in the opinion that had Rogue One been a flop critically than perhaps you would not be hearing Bob Iger talking about more movies past the year 2020 and how that movie has kind of provided a “mold” for the spin-offs.

On a side note I watched R1 twice this weekend. I feel confidant in putting it #2 on my list behind Empire.


I think my pecking order is:

Empire Strikes Back
New Hope
Rogue One
Force Awakens
Revenge of the Sith
Return of the Jedi
Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones