Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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IMO it’s the best EU stuff around. Yes, I like it better then the Thrawn trilogy. But not by much.

The character Woody is playing is from the first book in that series so maybe they’ll pull more.


No. It’s not cannon. But they pulled Thrawn from the EU non cannon stuff for Rebels so now he is cannon.


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The character Woody is playing is from the first book in that series so maybe they’ll pull more.[/quote]




Pretty sure I posted about it a few posts ago. He spill the beans in a interview while promoting his new film. But to be fair he sounded really stoned so maybe he was just like “yeah. Whatever maaaaaan”


Can’t wait. C’mon Feb 21st.


Just an FYI, Clone Wars is leaving Netflix on March 7th


I’m not much of a collector. Mainly because I don’t have the extra money to collect the items that catch my eye(sideshow collectibles) and also because I don’t really have a place to store/display them. But this…this is most likely about to change. These are god damn amazing looking. At the very least I’ll be getting Han, Chewie, Vader, and Obi-Wan.


Plus there’s this.

I say this is far sadder than death.


One more thing. Fuck Rebels. That show is ass.


Finished reading Catalyst the other day. It’s the precursor to Rogue One and gives you a good look at the Erso family history and how they relate to Orson Krennic. Thought it was really good.

Picked up Aftermath: Empire’s End and need to start it.

Also saw this the other day. This sounds interesting. I always enjoy seeing the SW universe from a different point of view which is one of the reason Lost Stars was so good.


I did read Lost Stars. Yeah, it was good. I agree the different perspective is nice, which is part of why I liked Rogue One so much. I thought it was obvious that it was written before Rogue One, though, because they talk about the Death Star as if it hadn’t been used at all before Alderaan, when we see it used a couple times in Rogue One. That was the only clash that stood out to me.

Reading Bloodline now, liking it so far. Enjoying seeing what was going on between Eps VI & VII.



No thanks.


Any particular reason for the Rebels hate? I don’t really dig the animation style, but I haven’t watched any of it yet to know anything else about it.


Gonna need a proper desktop to type it all out. LOL. Back to civilization in a few days.


Ok. Here it goes. But keep in mind the saying “nobody hates Star wars more than a Star Wars fan”. LOL.

Let me start by saying that even though I hate this show I feel the need to at least stay in tune with what’s going on in it because it does drop some awesome tidbits along the way. So I guess I’ll start there.

Because this is set 5 years before the events of A New Hope it has a classic look to it design wise. when I say classic I mean it uses a lot of the unused concept pieces that Ralph McQuarrie came up with for A New Hope.

The Ghost, Chopper, Herra, and Kanan. These go hand in hand in hand in hand. I wish the show was just about Herra and Kanan(minus his Jedi stuff) and their adventures traveling the galaxy in The Ghost with Chopper. Herra IS, IMO, the best part of the show. She’s kinda like Jyn Erso but not as criminal. The kind of Jyn we see towards the end of R1, the one that inspires. Kanan is a Jedi Padawan who managed to escape Order 66 and has kept his abilities somewhat of a secret. His attitude is very much like Qui-Gon in that he’s defiant but not in a in your face kind of way. Their ship, The Ghost, just has a classic feel to it. It looks like a hunk of junk but is anything but.

The return of Rex and Ahsoka. I’m so happy they brought them back to finish off their Clone wars story line. I just wish Filoni had the balls to kill them off. More on that in a bit.

Wedge and the birth of the Rebellion. I enjoy seeing the Wedge origin story and finding out that he defected from the Empire. That being said they haven’t really used him or showed off why he’s such a damn good pilot. We also get to see Mon Mothma making a declaration to the galaxy that the Rebellion is a thing and they are rallying people to it’s cause.

Sabine. Oh Sabine. She’s a mixed bag. Her style so clashes with the Star Wars universe but she’s pretty fucking awesome otherwise. Because of her we get more of the Mandalorian thread from the Clone Wars.

Now for the horseshit.

The animation style is rubbish. It is the exact opposite of the Clone Wars. That show was eye candy, was rich looking, had a mood and depth to it just because of the art style. This is flat, janky, and lazy feeling.

Darth Maul. Give me a break already. This is just silly now. I wasn’t a big fan of him returning to Clone Wars until I saw how they handled it. That was great. But to bring him back a 3rd time is just silly. He’s hell bent on finding Obi-Wan and getting his revenge. Their big rematch is coming up this weekend. I have a feeling I know how this ends considering I’ve seen A New Hope. So just to recap, Obi-Wan has spanked his ass 3 times. Even if Maul survives and runs away defeated after this weekend, good luck bringing him back for a 4th time at a later date. It’s a lose lose and laughable either way.

Ezra. Fuck you Ezra. You are an annoying accidental hero just the way that Anakin was at the end of EP1 when he accidentally blew up the droid control ship and was dubbed the best pilot in galaxy. He’s gotten better over the last season but at a huge cost. He’s strong with the Force and is training with Kanan to use it.

But in doing so it has 100% cheapened Obi-Wan and Luke’s mystique in A New Hope. If they survive along with Ahsoka then the phrase “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” loses a ton of weight and meaning. Now I know part of the crew survives because Herra, Chopper, and the Ghost have a cameo in Rogue One and it coincides with Captain Antilies and Leia being sent to meet Obi-Wan before they are drawn into the battle over Scarif. So I hope that Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka are killed quick because the current timeline is going to start to cross over with Rogue One. I just have a feeling it will be very anti climatic or it will be vague leaving the door open for their return in a spin off. But in doing so see above.

Here’s a love hate thing. I love Ahsoka. I hate that she survived past season 2. She should have met her fate at the hands of her old master, Anakin/Vader. Good lord that would have been tragic. Instead she limped away from their battle. Ugggghhh. Get some balls Filoni. Kill her off.

Same goes for Rex. Would love to have seen him be involved in that conflict and dispatched. Not that Vader needs street cred but that would have given him tons more.

I also think the show is very uneven in it’s tone. It’s clearly geared towards a much younger crowd when compared to Clone Wars. Because of this they can only dip their toes into the dark stuff which is far and away the biggest problem I have with the show. 2 big examples of this are the return of Rex and his crew. They all in someway suffer from PTSD due to the Clone Wars but how do you explain such a serious subject to a young audience? Well in here they have the former Clones make funny noises and their eye’s spin around. It just feels so wrong. The other example is the introduction of Admiral Thrawn. What made him so great before was the aristocratic aire he had as well as his ability to play the long game and use advanced tactics. The Art of War is a really hard thing to convey to kids. So when they do kind of try and pull it off it then make Thrawn feel…well…not like Thrawn at all to those of us who know what he’s about. They also go overboard showing how much he loves art and antiques as if that is how kids see that someone is an aristocrat?

There really is so much more I could go on about but I’m even sick of writing about the show. LOL. Some of it just has to be experienced first hand but there’s the catch. I don’t recommend watching it. What sucks is you get like 5mins of gold each episode and 17 mins of crap. Thank god for the Rebels recap show that has on their youtube channel.

In short, the only new characters I like are Herra, Sabine, Chopper, and Kanan. I hate the Maul thread. They have painted themselves into a huge corner timeline wise and they are, IMO, really messing with the lore and mystique. I would much rather this be about the actual creation of the Rebellion and follow an “A-Team” type unit that was at the forefront of it. I hope they all end up on Alderaan or dead via Vader’s blade before the event of A New Hope. Except for Herra and Sabine. I would welcome a spin-off with them. Yes, I like Kanan but because he’s a Jedi he can’t be around because it would lessen the roles of Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda in the OT.

All that being said I love Sabine’s modified Rebel Tie Fighter in X-Wing miniatures. LOL.


Holy goddamn, nice write-up!

Unfortunately I missed out on a lot of Clone Wars now that it’s off Netflix. Gonna have to see if I can find “other” means to watch it…


Hope you can find Clone Wars. Love that show.


I was able to watch it on Netflix last night. Finished up the series.


Huh, I must have mis-remembered the dates. I’ll check again tonight.