Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Finished reading the book George Lucas: A Life this past weekend. It’s a great read and offers a ton of insight into the building of the ILM and LucasFilm empire. Also some good tidbits in there if you like behind the scenes type of stuff as far as the production of movies go.

I found it interesting that his “brand” ILM, Skywalker Ranch, and LucasFilm happened mainly due to the fact that he was so damn stubborn. Don’t get me wrong, he was pretty ballsy and took some big risks with the first Star Wars but his empire was created out of a need to do things his way in large part because everything else was seen as an inconvenience to him.

The book also puts to rest a lot of thoughts that people have about the OT. No, it was not all planned out from the beginning, IE: the overall story arc, and it was very much a fly by the seat of your pants thing. It wasn’t until late in the production of ESB that the saga really changed and began to take shape as a family affair.

Spielberg made $40mil off of the franchise due to a bet with Lucas. He thought Star Wars would be huge and even bet Lucas 2.5% profit points that it would be bigger than Close Encounters. Lucas agreed and over the next 30years Spielberg would make $40mil due to that bet.


Oh, one more thing.

I watched "Plastic Galaxy:The Story Of Star Wars Toys" on Amazon Prime after finishing the book. I highly recommend it and it’s only about an hour.


Does this book have much info about Marcia Lucas? It seems she’s a sad footnote on the history of Star Wars that he never wants to acknowledge. Someone like her would have been helpful during the creation of the prequels instead of all the toadies and yes-men he had helping him.


She is definitely one of the main reasons ANH turned out like it did.


Her name is in there quite a bit though the first half of the book.


Good to hear. Might have to check that out someday.


I think I’ve been convinced to finally watch Clone Wars…


Hmmm…I always wrote off this show, but have a friend that evangelizes it. This video is quite convincing and makes me second guess my choice to ignore it.


The end of the series has some of the best Star Wars stories ever. I agree with almost everything stated in this video.


I’m a bit surprised by how many people here did not watch that show. Not a judgement or anything, just surprising.


Really good video. I do however suggest watching them in order but skipping a few episodes.

Here’s the order here

And I suggest skipping the following:

108 Bombad Jedi
117 Blue Shadow Virus
204 Senate Spy
215 Senate Murders
406 Nomad Droids

Other then that you can’t go wrong.

The thing I really hate is that Rebels did continue the story. It sucks having to watch a real shitty show for like 5mins of greatness.



So cool.

Oh, Nerdiest Podcast had Mark Hamill on a few weeks ago. I could listen to him talk all day. His Fatman On Batman episode with Kevin Smith is gold too.


Bruh, this shit is doooooooooope!


Woody Harrelson was out promoting a new movie and someone asked if he was going to be playing Garris Shrike from the Star Wars “EU/Legends” books. He said “Yes. Yes I am”.

Garris was in the oh so awesome “Han Solo Trilogy” which took you from Han’s childhood up to the moment he and Chewie meet Ben and Luke.

Garris was a Bounty Hunter/Criminal who looked after a bunch of orphans that he trained to be thieves. Han was one of the orphans. If I remember correctly the orphans end up fighting with Garris and during said fight Han escapes and joins the Imperial Navy(His pants in A New Hope are from the Imperial academy).

Interested to see how they handle this character.


The untitled Han Solo movie has begun shooting.


Red Cup?


Code name they are using until the film is officially titled.

RtoJ used Blue Harvest when it has filming


I really hope they pull stuff from the Crispin trilogy for the movies. Probably my favorite Star Wars EU material.


Is that still considered cannon ?