Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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I’m a fan of Red Letter Media’s stuff, especially Pinkett’s Star Wars reviews, so this is right up my alley. It’s long but worth watching even if you don’t agree with all of the points being made. They get into the era between the prequels and Ep. 7 and the sale to Disney and the ring theory, but if you want just the Awakens stuff, I guess start at 53:30


I too enjoy RLM and Mr. Plinkett’s reviews. This one was pretty great, especially concerning the consumer machine that is Disney taking over Star Wars.


It’s a sold, entertaining film, but doesn’t have the balls to step outside of a the “safe reboot” mantra and do anything different; arguably “good enough” as this movie is the first of a trilogy.



Love it.


This is the father I strive to be.



No comment needed to understand my reaction, other than to refer to Rewfus crying in a ball about the site he’s created.


Why, is that one of them there loop thingies I’ve heard so much about, Jay?





Sucks. Just sucks.

Prepare for EP8 to undergo massive reshoots as its been in post production since August.


Filming had already wrapped in July. If anything this is hopefully just a kink in the writing for EP9.


Gonna be interesting to see how this is handled.


Woody confirmed for Han Solo movie


As much as I would have preferred them to explore something else rather than a Han Solo story, the cast is getting better and better.


So originally I thought that Disney would want to go and re-shoot a bunch of EP8 to write Leia out and give her a proper send off. But with them so far into post production I can see now why they wouldn’t. A SW podcast I listen too, yes I’m that nerdy, began discussing how they handle her death in EP9.

The overall feeling was that it would be real shitty to give her an off screen death. Some wanted a replacement actress to fill the role like they did for Dumbledor in HP and some even thought they should go the CGI route like they did in R1. It looks like they could be going the CGI route or maybe this is for future projects that involve a younger Leia. This could also be just a negotiation to keep using her likeness for future products. I’ve also been seeing rumors that Disney is going to make her an official Disney Princess.

The reason I had originally thought they were going to do re-shoots is because it’s rumored that the film will have a funeral for Han and during it there is an attempt to kill Leia and as a result it she falls into a coma. I thought they’d go back and just kill her off then.


If that’s true then they could let her sit in a coma for EP8 and pull the plug on her in EP9. No reshoots required.


True. But I just would have loved to see her go down doing something noble or sacrificial.

Here’s a comment from Woody Harelson in regards to his roll in the Han Solo movie.

“I’m a mentor to Han, but I’m also a bit of a criminal.”



Lucasfilm has announced they do not plan on using a CG Leia in EP9