Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Hey, if Darth Maul can get sliced in half, fall into an endless shaft and survive, Mace can easily come back after that minor scratch. I’d love to see an old, battered Windu cameo at some point. Maybe not in the 8 or 9, but another Star Wars spin-off would be cool.


No. No. No. No. No. Just no.

Get over it. He died like a bitch.

Look, I know Fett died like a bitch and I know that he has a “Star Wars Story” movie in the works but it had better be pre ESB.

I cannot stand that Maul is still alive. I put up with it during TCW because the story arc was good but now it’s just silly. It’s fan service. F Darth Maul in Rebels(F Rebels in general). F Mace coming back. F Fett blasting his way out of the Sarlaac.

I find it funny that Lucas is involved in this BS too. HE HAS NO SAY IN IT ANYMORE. Sure Sam Jackson, in GL’s Star Wars world you can come back. But it’s gonna be terrible.


You don’t want to see Robo-Maul take on Robo-Windu in a duel to the death?


The only death that would happen would be my own.


What if it took place in Rebels?




Fine. But Jabba’s Rancor is so still alive!


So you’re saying in the next movie, there won’t be a post-credit scene where Mace Windu is now wearing an eye patch and is trying to recruit people for this super group he’s starting?


Eye patch with a glowing red cybernetic eye under it. Eh?


Mace Windu Fury the Terminator.




I haven’t picked up Bloodline yet but I just bought Aftermath:Life Debt and will start it today. Can’t wait for this one which is the 2nd book in the Aftermath Trilogy.

I also had a chance to read the trade paperback Vader Down which is insanely good.

Here’s a great moment from it.


Aftermath:Life Debt. Read it.


Finished 2 more books in the last few days.

Aftermath: Life Debt 10/10
Tarkin 6/10

Life Debt is god damn amazing but Tarkin is just kinda meh. Could have done without it. Very forgettable.

I’ve slogged through the first 2 seasons of Rebels this summer. For every step forward it takes it seems to follow it with a step back. Ezra, the main character, is not very likable and makes Lukes whining seem tame. The rest of the crew is ok with Kanan Jarrus being the bright point. I do love the return of Ahsoka and Rex plus some cameos from OT players, especially Vader. But the biggest nut kick is the return, AGAIN, of Darth Maul. Just let the fucker be dead. Seriously. What sucks is that they are backing themselves into a corner timeline wise. It’s hard to have Ezra and Kanan running around in this timeline considering the Jedi were “all but extinct” in A New Hope. To me their presence here greatly cheapens Obi-Wan and Luke’s role in A New Hope. That being said the trailer for Season 3 looks good. But I still don’t like the art style.

Thrawn is now cannon. With that he get’s his own book written by Timmothy Zahn. Woohoo.

Alden Ehrenreich officially cast as Han Solo for upcoming Han Solo spin off movie.

This includes a deal to play Solo in 3 appearances with the spin off being one of them.

So, does he show up in the rumored Boba Fett film or does he get an origins trilogy or a combo of both?


THRAWN! Sweeeeeet!

I thought Tarkin was okay, and a neat look in to his back story, but agree it was overall kind of meh.


So this one GIF of Rebels is the only thing I’ve seen from the show and I hate it already.

But this one kind of makes up for it.

(not really)


Yup. Rebels can really piss me off. This is a great example of why. And yes, that Maul working with our heroes. Ugh.



Kenny Baker, the man behind/inside R2-D2, passed away today.