Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Could’ve been more metaphorical than literal. Or just a visual representation of what happened.




Yeah, that sounds real dumb. Also…


Makes sense to me.




They may have found their young Han Solo


Yup. Been seeing his name out there for a few weeks now.


Read “The Star Wars” last week. What a trip that thing is. It’s a graphic novel that Darkhorse made. It’s based on rough draft script that GL did for EP4. Has some really cool stuff in it but boy am I glad it never made it to the big screen.

Here’s a few things that were interesting.

Luke is a General and an old man. This is probably the role of Obi-Wan in the films.

Anakin is the understudy to General Skywalker and he saves Leia from the “Giant Space Fortress”.

Han Solo is a giant green alien.

Vader is a Moff, think Tarkin in EP4.

The Sith is a guy named Prince Valorum. He ends up helping Anakin in the rescue of Leia. The plan when the book ends is for the Jedi and Sith to team up and take down the Emperor.

There’s a scene where Leia is running her mouth and Anakin straight up punches her in the face and knocks her out because he doesn’t have time to hear it from her.

Anakin helps rescue some Wookies from slavers. The slavers are Fett, Dengar, Bosk, and 4-Lom. It takes place on Yavin.

Storm Troopers wield light sabers. Hell, Han Solo at one point uses one.


Also finished the book Heir to the Jedi last night. One of the new official cannon books and it follows Luke in between EP4 and EP5 and is told from the 1st person POV. It’s was pretty forgettable. I would not recommend it as it doesn’t offer any real insight. There’s a few cool parts but not enough. I’d give it a 6.5/10

Up next is the newest book Bloodline that takes place 6 years before EP7.

Of the official cannon books I’ve read the following

Aftermath 9/10
Twilight Company 8.5/10
Heir to the Jedi 6.5/10
A New Dawn 6.5/10
Lords of the Sith 9/10
Lost Stars 8.5/10

Need to read Dark Disciple and Tarkin


Are there any new official cannon books that cover the battle of Jakku ?


The book Lost Stars, which I forgot to add to my finished list, deals with it. But it doesn’t happen until the final act of the book.


Ooh… Lords of the Sith sounds interesting. When does that take place?


14-15 years before the battle of Yavin


Lords of the Sith is awesome. Seriously awesome.

There’s a trade paper back from Marvel called Vader Down that is supposed to be awesome as well.


I’ve seen Lost Stars described as a YA novel, but looks like you’d recommend it?

It’s also not on Del Ray’s official timeline, but that doesn’t really mean much.


It’s on the SW timeline as cannon. Just not the Del Rey timeline. It spans from 11 BBY(before the battle of yavin) - 5 ABY(after the battle of yavin)

I really enjoyed it. I could see why it could be classified as a YA novel as it is basically Romeo and Juliet set in the Star Wars universe. It’s still pretty damn good though.



Do you have some spare cash laying around?

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Kylo Ren helmet - $2000
Poe Dameron helmet - $1500
Chewbacca Bowcaster - $2500


Hold on, let me sell a kidney.