Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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Holy shit.





Looks like it will be 12 episodes


The live action show is costing $100mil per season at 10 episodes per season and is now rumored to take place on Mandalore 7 years after RotJ.

Also, only Star Wars movies from 2019 and on will stream exclusively on the Disney service. Anything before that is fair game



That animation looks damn slick. Reminds me a bit of Voltron. Already a big upgrade from Rebels.


Ok…so when I watched it before I was at work and the sound was off. Just watched it with the sound on. No thanks.


Yeah, it’s definitely trying to appeal to a much younger audience than Clone Wars was.


Shame too because the animation really does look good.


Anybody here reading the Marvel Star Wars comics? I try to keep up with them when they release multiple issues as one book. Anyways…the Vader comic is god damn amazing. Here’s some prime examples.


Do want.

No. I take that back. Need this.




Going to this on Saturday.



Pew pew pew


Is Mandalorian in reference to any known entity in the canon, or is this fresh territory?


Much to learn you still have.


Mandalorians come from the planet Mandalore. They are a society of warriors who helped fight the Jedi in the Old Republic. During the Clone Wars era they were mainly pacifists but a group of “Terrorists” know as Death Watch(which Darth Maul helped lead) tried to restore their fighting ways. Obi-Wan was a big player in this fight against Death Watch. The story arc takes up a lot of The Clone Wars series. I cannot recommend it enough. It also continues on into Rebels as Sabine is a Mandalorian heir.

Not sure if the show will focus on Mandalore or not. The Fett’s wore the Mandalorian armor and Jango was considered an outcast of Mandalore and was recruited by Dooku to become a bounty hunter. Later on, Boba’s armor was recovered and used by a lone renegade “sheriff” to take up the mantle. So maybe it will follow his story line?