Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Star Wars: The Fans Awaken
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I finished Rebels season 1 this weekend. I know @Jango said it’s a dumpster fire, but it’s part of the Star Wars timeline… so I feel the need to consume it. Plus, I need to see the death of Darth Maul (I didn’t watch much of the second half of the Kenobi video above—spoilers). Season 1… not bad though. I like the music throughout and the cameos so far have been pretty well done.


Oh, I consumed it. But it was still awful. Just…like…awful.





May the Fourth be with you. In WI, even our DoT gets in on the festivities today.


I don’t know why I like to torture myself, but I went and watched “The Beginning” the other day. That is the EP1 behind the scenes doc. God damn, it is infuriating to watch. Rick McCallum might be the greatest villain in the Star Wars universe.






Uh oh! Some Star Wars fatigue setting in?


No. They foolishly released the movie in the most competitive timeframe this year with fairly poor marketing. It was never going to do great against Infinity War, Deadpool 2 and the Overboard remake.



Fox has accepted Disney’s bid to buy them. Hello there originals #hanshootsfirst


Sounds like the plans to halt production on stand alone films may have been premature. From what I’ve been seeing the GoT folks are still moving forward with thiers as is Rian Johnson. Boba Fett looking to resume production after EP9. Sounds like there was a film cancelled and that it was a Mos Eisley spin off.

I think they really screwed the pooch by releasing Solo when they did. Going up against it’s own in house competition and Disney wanted it pushed to December but LucasFilm said no. Shame too because I loved Solo.


As “enjoyable” as Solo was, I don’t think it was a very smart decision to make a movie about Han rather than any number of other famous Star Wars characters or stories.

Also Kennedy and company don’t seem to have a general idea or plan where to take the new trilogy like Lucas did with his (post A New Hope), and that worries me. I feel like if there was a clear plan between the directors and writers of the new main movies, TLJ wouldn’t have be as divisive as it was.

I honestly don’t know what to think of the future of Star Wars at this point, other than just accepting the mainstream, company-led focus the studios are taking it.


Sounds like Kathleen Kennedy may be on her way out for the handling of Solo.


Did it really do that bad? Or, relative to the other Star Wars movies, it didn’t do quite as well? The reports make it sound like it was a complete trash pile and they sold 142.5 tickets world wide, but I’m willing to bet there are plenty of other movies that would love to do some Solo numbers.