Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One
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Super loved it. Seeing it again today.

I have to say, though, that [spoiler]Tarkin and Leia really looked off to me. They both really stood out as cartoony in the midst of all the actual human beings right in the same scenes. Wasn’t a fan, but maybe I’m in the minority there. I just don’t think that tech is ready to be convincing enough too avoid the uncanny valley.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]It’s the way the eyes look and how the lips move in sync with the audio. It’s definitely getting closer though.

If I didn’t already know Cushing was dead and how “swiftly” Fisher has aged, I think I would’ve had a harder time accepting their CGI stand-ins.[/spoiler]


So before we went and watched it Sunday we watched A New Hope on Saturday night.

[spoiler]When seeing Tarkin and Leia in R1 after seeing them in ANH it holds up really well. I think a lot of the problem is that the R1 versions of them have the old film grain quality to them like they did in ANH. As much as I liked seeing them in my initial R1 viewing I loved it even more the second time because my mind was fresh with what they looked like. Not saying it’s perfect but boy it is damn close. 50% of the time that Tarkin shares the screen with others in R1 he looks a tad off but still good but at other times, especially when alone, it is great.

As for Vader, I liked that he only had a few minutes of ass kicking. Just enough to leave you wanting more and get a glimpse of how awesome and terrorizing he was. [/spoiler]

As for the rest of the film I was quite impressed with the overall story and plot and how well it’s constructed.

I’ve heard some folks say they have enjoyed EP7 more than this and I get it. But understand a few things before making the comparison. Folks have a ton of emotion invested into those characters and the Skywalker legacy and it’s story. This is something completely new with new characters so of course it’s not gonna be there. Not at first. But if you look at the two they have one major line in common and to me that is the story of redemption and hope. Plus EP7 really had nothing to lose because how could it possibly be worse than EP1-EP3. Those brought the bar down so low that it was easy to jump. The franchise needed that reboot.

Rogue One is the prequel that me and my friends wanted as kids. I’m sure a ton of kids acted out the stealing of the Death Star plans with their Kenner figures or sticks for guns in the backyard. This is the one movie that I think had more pressure on it than EP7. If this had sucked then where does Disney go from here? I think they nailed it.

Here’s an interesting piece of info. Felicity Jones has an option in her contract to play Jyn one more time. I have a feeling though that her fate wasn’t known at the time but now some are speculating that she could have a run in with a famous smuggler in her past life as a criminal and maybe have a small cameo in the Han Solo movie. I highly doubt it but man that would be fun


My wife had a migraine on Friday, so she had to surrender her ticket. Now… I’m forced into going to see this movie a second time with her. Tough to be me, right?

I. Can’t. Wait.


Going again today at lunch. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Saw an interesting interview with Gareth Edwards where he talked about the original ending and how the change and some of the reshoot came about.

Apparently Cassian and Jyn survived after extracting the plans. The reason being was he said he felt pressure to preserve the characters for a possible sequel. But he began hinting at wanting them to all die and nobody said no. Said he was surprised at how Disney let him go that route thus changing the ending


So freakin good.



Did you see this yet @Rewfus? I want to see it again.


I’m beginning to think I am absolutely not a fan of this franchise.

I did not enjoy the majority of this movie. It was boring for the first hour or so with some of the most one-dimensional and cliched characters possible. This mind-sucking octopus will drive you crazy - lulz, just kidding, you’ll be fine. How many planets can we possibly visit? ALL OF THE PLANETS. Then I realized, I was watching live action Halo: Reach. At some point, Darth Vader has jokes. CGI Tarkin was… jarring. Why not just hologram him? Jyn and dude reenact scene from Deep Impact, hurray!

Then Darth Vader delivers a truly awesome moment with a claustrophobic horror feel and then the movie is over.

I did enjoy the Asian Tex. I did enjoy that few minutes of Vader. I did enjoy the war part of the movie at the end. Sassy Robot I enjoyed.

As much as I didn’t like about this movie, I still enjoyed it more than I enjoyed Luke Cage.


Bruh, Vader has always had a smart ass side to him.


Ummmm…Vader does have jokes.


Well, looks like I choked on my own aspirations… about the one thing.


I can definitely see where you’re coming from when it comes to one-dimensional characters. Unfortunately Rogue One doesn’t have another movie to build up characters over time. They all die in the end after succeeding at their task anyway, so I didn’t mind too much. Jyn was really the only one I didn’t care much about even though she was the only one that had been given any form of a backstory.

I’ll probably also give you the mind-sucking octopus thing. I think Saw’s words were closer to “The unfortunate side-effect is that one tends to lose one’s mind.” so it may just be inferring that Bohdi wasn’t lying at all during his off-screen encounter with it since he doesn’t seem to be suffering too much afterwards

Oh, and I didn’t mind Tarkin. I think your idea of using a hologram version of him may have been better, but then you wouldn’t have that great face-to-face that Krennic and he have on the bridge. I thought Leia was done well too, but people seem to be disagreeing about that one as well. /shrugs


[spoiler]Darth Vader scene in 16-bit…


Somehow not as intense or terrifying. :laughing:


Here’s a great video on the CGI work from the film.



There have been a ton of different endings being talked about this week as press for the BluRay.

One had a Imperial crew recovering Krennic from some rubble caused by the blast and then Vader killing him.

One had Vader on the ground in the Scarif battle with Jyn and Cassian escaping and Vader in pursuit on his shuttle before the blast. The plans get transmitted and Vader lays waste to their ship. From the wreckage you would see an escape pod being ejected with Cassian and Jyn on board.

One had Vader’s troops boarding a ship that Cassian and Jyn were on that was transmitting the plans. They blow up the ship as to not be taking in and most likely killed and take out the troops in the process.