Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One
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Yeah, I was actually going to wait until next weekend to see it as I am completely booked this Saturday and Sunday, but these reviews are killing me. Now i’m starting to flip through my contact list to find someone to go with me tomorrow or Friday night. I was completely meh on this movie until I heard these reviews.


I bet that New Yorker guy loves the smell of his own farts.


Just go solo?




*Revenge of the Smith


So jizzed.

I mean…jazzed.


There is sooooooooo much I want to say right now. It was truly marvelous.

Each new character gets time to shine and each one is easy to root for.


Still can’t stop thinking about this.

There are some groundbreaking visual effects in here that are so great. Not gonna say they entirely cracked the code but damn if it isn’t close and could really change the way movies are done. [spoiler]Especially any future Star Wars properties.

Tarkin and Leia are in the film and done using stand ins as well as CGI and it is great looking. Tarkin actually gets a ton of screen time and he and Krennic are great together. At times you can tell he’s CGI but there are moments where it is seamless. The first time he showed up my jaw hit the floor. My wife didn’t remember him from A New Hope so had no idea it was a CGI trick. That’s how impressive it is. But if you know who he is in the grand scale of things you can tell something’s up. And Leia…fucking greatness.[/spoiler]


Did you bring the kids? Would you bring a 6 year old?


It really depends on the kid and what they can handle. The first half of the film is really dark, not in the lighting sense, and pretty intense. Mainly when Forrest Whitaker’s character is involved. The final few minutes could go either way. It’s either going to scare the fuck out of them or they will love it. If you really want to know what it is just say so and I’ll post it in spoiler tags.

My son is 13 and has seriously been watching the films since he was 1 as I would often have them on while doing laundry and other some such so it wasn’t even a big deal for him. My daughter though is 8 and has seen a few PG-13 movies(Force Awakens, Revenge of the Sith, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers). That being said she did cover her eyes 3 times with one of them being for a minute or two but not once during the final few minutes. Aside from that she liked it.


That’s good to know. Thank you.


Those final 10 minutes!!! Wowzers! I need to see this again. And again.


Totally loved it!!!


Round 2 tomorrow. Watching “A New Hope” now.


I think I’ll go see it again this week fo sho.


Just got back.



Great movie, but come on…those last few minutes with Vader was just a tease.


Rogue One may top RotJ for me, simply because a lot of RotJ doesn’t flow well or make much narrative sense when put beside Star Wars and Empire.

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Great movie, but come on…those last few minutes with Vader was just a tease.[/quote]

I thought it was the perfect amount.




Waiting to see this with the fam in Nebraska for Christmas. Actually resisting clicking on spoilers. Can’t wait to be surprised.