Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One
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That droid sounds a lot like Alan Tudyk.


Not sure if joking or not.

It is Alan Tudyk. Did the voice and mo-cap


I haven’t been paying attention to anything other than the trailers, so this excites me.


That’s not what I wanted to hear. I was thinking about taking my boys (who are a little younger than your daughter). Honestly, I don’t know how much they really follow the story of the other movies; they more or less just like the characters and the action. But I’m guessing the only characters they’ll recognize are Vader and stormtroopers in this one…decisions, decisions…


There’s supposed to be a scene where you see Vader out of his suit and he’s all burned to shit like Anakin was at the end of EP3. Just a rumor as of now but it is a very very strong rumor as pictures have surfaced. Not sure if it made it into the film though.


Here’s some stuff that slashfilm had to say about the movie. No spoilers. This was based on 30mins that was shown to them at a press event. With the premiere being Saturday night I’m sure some reviews will start to trickle in soon.

"the original trilogy was shot in a very classical style (all the better to accommodate extensive pre-CGI visual effects and echo George Lucas’ Akira Kurosawa love), Rogue One is thoroughly modern. Handheld cameras wander through the dense crowds on alien planets. Characters dash toward the screen while the shot moves quickly enough to accommodate them. Everything is shot from specific perspectives to emphasize distance and scale, from spaceships blotting out the sky over cities to AT-AT Walkers looming over combatants during a ferocious urban firefight. While The Force Awakens was accused of being a little too slavish to the first three films in its design and execution, Gareth Edwards is steering the Star Wars universe toward a hard left turn, taking full advantage of this being a spin-off story to film the familiar in wholly unfamiliar ways.

Rogue One repeatedly used its visuals to explore just how rough and weary the Star Wars universe can be. While the Stormtroopers may look exactly like the cannon fodder you’ve seen before, you’ve never seen one board a prison transport vehicle, hunched over in boredom, his shiny armor covered filthy from a hard day’s work. While the secret Rebel Base on Yavin IV looks like the one seen in the original Star Wars, it’s filled with activity and operated by men and women who look like they haven’t slept in days. And while we didn’t get a big cantina scene where a bunch of weird aliens show up to showcase the wild diversity of this fictional universe, it would feel redundant – with every scene populated by aliens and droids and creatures both practical and digital, every shot is its own little cantina scene. In Rogue One, other species aren’t part of a showcase, they’re part of the background, lingering in the margins, sometimes out of focus, to add a literally alien texture to the world.

The original Star Wars trilogy diverged from science fiction norms by presenting a galaxy where spaceships are hunks of junk and where everything breaks down. Rogue One picks up the baton and runs with it, dropping you into a world where everything feels a little dangerous.

In a film otherwise coated with desperation, Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO feels like a welcome splash of comic relief, bringing deadpan comedy to the proceedings. A reprogrammed Imperial Security droid, this hulking monstrosity of a robot towers over humans and seems more than capable of dispatching enemies with the smallest amount of effort…which he accomplishes while also being temperamental and without a single social grace. Tudyk (who was on set in a motion capture suit and provides the character’s voice) plays K-2SO like a sociopathic C-3PO, prissy and easily offended but perfectly comfortable dismantling entire squads of Stormtroopers. He’s a hoot."





Entertainment Weekly had the following to say after the premiere last night.

Darth Vader… The Dark Lord of the Sith delivers one moment of pure horror. You could argue there’s even more than one scene that fits this description. Rogue One shows a ruthless, predatory side of Vader when he is at the height of his powers.


Holy crap, that sounds incredible!


Also this from EW.

Fans of the Disney XD animated series Star Wars: Rebels should keep their eyes wide open for a number of special surprises. (That’s all I’m going to say about that


A friend of mine who is a film critic for a Dallas area blog saw it yesterday and said it was “rousing”


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In the pants?


I hope so


Probably has to do with all the Trump references.


Darth Vader also delivers one moment of pure delight.


Movie spoiled, cancelling hype.


Sorry ma’am, no refunds after Hype Train leaves the station.


This review is flat out bonkers. I don’t even know what’s going on here.