Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront
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Battlefront 2 will have multiple Star Wars eras.


All I care about


I hope all that’s true. All of it.











Mark your calendars!!!

Commence primary ignition – the first trailer for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II is imminent. On April 15 at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT at Star Wars Celebration, we’ll be presenting during the “The Galaxywide Premiere of Star Wars Battlefront II” panel. Not able to attend in person? You’ll still be able to watch online. Join the award-winning developers from DICE, Criterion and Motive as they offer a glimpse at the game and debut the first trailer.


Excited to see what is shown but I may be waiting for community feed back before playing it.


Can’t wait!!!

You should definitely hold off Jango. Patience, brah.


I see what you did there.

But seriously, really going to wait on this one.

I was just talking to our good friend Nile(Oni) about how EA has done nothing with the franchise. The agreement is up in just 6 more years. I’ll move this over to the Star Wars Fan thread in a bit because there are a ton of things that us 2 brainiacs came up with. LOL.


I know I have asked this before, but I kind of miss that P.O.S. You should get him to swing by sometime.


The Janoni Summit!

Pins & needles, bro. :blush:


The Rewfus recruitment method. Maybe this is why our user base is so small?


It was an endearing piece of shit, ok?


Or just wait for the inevitable leak…