Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Star Wars: Battlefront II
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Stolen from Sargerus on ResetERA:

Gamespot (Review in Progress) - 6/10

IGN (Review in Progress) - 7/10

VentureBeat (Review in Progress) - TBD

PC Gamer (Review in Progress) - TBD

GamesRadar - 4/5

Press Start - 8/10

Eurogamer - No Score

ShackNews - 6/10

GameSpace - 8/10

COGconnected - 86/100 - 8/10

Trusted Reviews - 3/5

USgamer - 3.5/5

Gaming Trend - 8/10

God is a Geek - 8/10

The Sixth Axis - 8/10

The Telegraph - 3/5

Stevivor - 6.5/10

Player.One - 6/10

We Got This Covered - 4.5/5

Twinfinite - 4/5

Digital Trends - 7/10

AusGamers - 6/10

PCGamesN - 6/10 - 8.5/10

OpenCritic - 74
Metacritic - 79

Mostly 8s, so I’m good. Can’t wait til Friday.


Curious to see where the criticism lies.


From what I’ve seen they criticize the length of the story (but we get more story chapters free next month) and the star cards/crates progression. Most of the people who have played the game on ResetERA are liking it and several have unlocked Luke and Vader already, so… clearly not the 10 hours each people were guessing after the 75% reduction.


I could see how that’s possible. Especially if you don’t spend on any other Star Cards or Upgrades. For pre-ordereing the game I think you get weapon upgrades for each class as well as a Star Card upgrade for each class.


Outside of most reviewers taking the story to be “mediocre-at-best” I’m seeing a lot of complaints about the Star Card system. Take IGN for example, emphasis mine.

Battlefront 2’s Star Cards may be one of the worst progression systems I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing in a PvP game. With the exception of new weapons, which are unlocked by getting a certain number of kills with each class, all class leveling, ability customization, and upgrading is funneled through a randomized loot box system with tediously high in-game credit costs if you don’t spend real money to skip over the grind.

There are three crates you can buy, each containing three or four cards: one with hero cards for 2,200 credits, one with starfighter cards for 2,400 credits, and one for a Trooper crate for a whopping 4,000 credits with cards for the much more frequently used base classes. Since heroes and starfighters are used way less often and can still rarely be found in Trooper crates, that quickly became the only type I wanted to buy.

Credits are primarily earned through playing multiplayer matches, with a 10-minute match getting you roughly 250 credits, based on match length and performance. That means it would take an average of just over two and a half hours of in-game time to afford a Trooper crate. Those pathetic returns on playing make trying to build up a Star Card collection a grind.

What’s worse, a lot of the places you can get credits outside of regular matches provide paltry amounts. You get a free crate each day you log in that gives a measly five Crafting Parts and 125 Credits; One-time achievements can reward more credits, but then can’t be repeated have already started to dry up for me; and an Arcade round rewards 100 credits per win, but it’s pointlessly restricted to a max of 500 per day - less than a quarter of the price of the cheapest available crate.

Cards also come in four levels of rarity and power, and you can make specific ones with a special Crafting Parts that are included in crates. A base card takes 40 parts, and it only gets more expensive from there - but you can’t actually craft the better versions until you level up both your overall account by playing matches, and the card’s specific class by earning more cards for them.

That’s right: leveling a class has nothing to do with playing as the class you want to level. Instead, its level is tied to the amount and power level of the cards you have for it. Not only does that level affect what you can craft, it also influences how many cards you can equip for per class.

That means despite enjoying and wanting to specialize in the Heavy class, it took me nearly a dozen loot boxes to actually find a card for it. I could craft cards for the Heavy with the small amount of Crafting Material I had collected, but so far I’ve been able to create nothing above the weakest versions. Even then, I had to craft a bunch of cards I didn’t actually want in order to level up the Heavy to the point where I could equip three cards at a time for it.

While the different guns can often feel like a player-preference choice, with later unlocks not necessarily always being the better option, the Star Cards always represent some sort of power boost. They don’t feel so significant that they will make or break you in a match but being killed by a player only to see they were using a full loadout of max-level cards I don’t have still felt awful.

Undeniably, this system allows you to fast-track your path to in-game power with real money. But even if there weren’t any real-money microtransactions, this would still be a frustrating, unintuitive, and obnoxiously slow way to progress through a game. Pay-to-win or not, it’s just bad.


Leveling via RNG - Lame.


Jackfrags makes a good, and verified point, about why Star Cards and progression are in loot crates. Most games, like Overwatch, have cosmetic-only crates because they have full control over the design of their characters and their skins, emotes, etc. They can basically do whatever they want. However, he states that a DICE developer told him that even in BF1, all of that had to go through LucasArts/Disney approval. So, most holiday-themed skins are pretty much automatically unviable. BUt even something simple like an armband on a Stormtrooper can be unapproved as “would not happen in SW Universe” by LucasArts/Disney so the things they can easily sell are StarCards and whatnot as a source of income. He doesn’t excuse and neither am I and doesn’t not mean it’s a cash grab but I think it adds an interesting point to all of this.


EA: Do what Blizzard does with Overwatch and put loot crates in the game so we can make extra profit.
DICE: Hey Disney, can we put cosmetic loot crates in Battlefront 2?
Disney: We don’t want Darth Vader running around in pink tactical camo ruining our canon. The answer is no.
DICE: They said no.
EA: Don’t make us have to cancel yet another Star Wars game, even though we’ve only released one game 5 years into our exclusive 10 year Star Wars contract. Figure something out.
Playerbase: …the fuck?


Played my first boots on the ground PvP today. Played Strlike for about 45mins and had earned enough to unlock Vader.

This game handles very very well and the battle points are sooooooo much better than pick ups. The Wookie Warrior is greatness.

Also got a better handle on the flying. I was always at the bottom in the last one but here I had 2 games in a row where I was 3rd. Adding objectives to the space combat was a very smart move in their part.


I’ll post some video later tonight.



FTR, even though I had enough to unlock Vader I did not unlock him. I saved up some credits and after playing for 2 hours last night I had just under 30K in credits. My philosophy here is that I so rarely get a big Hero that there’s really no point to rush out and unlock them.

I did though use them to unlock Iden Verso as a Hero and spent the rest on dem loot boxes. In doing so I got some nice upgrades for each of the classes including the “Jump Pack” troops and the “Shock” troops(Wookie Warrior and the like).

I also have 350 crafting parts which can also be used to purchase Star Cards. Using this method will only cost you 40 parts per card and an additional 70(I think) to upgrade them. Again, I’m only going to unlock or purchase the ones that fit my play style so there’s no need to unlock everything.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that’s the whole loot box fiasco is what you make of it. But in my time playing I haven’t come across any one thing that has made me think that somebody had an advantage over me and I’ve seen a quite a few folks who are already 25+ in their rank when compared to my rank of 7.

As far as classes go I’m leaning towards the Assault and Commander classes.


This here is a pretty interesting read.


Hey, it’s almost like someone at Kotaku did some actual investigative journalism!

Also, there’s a lot of quality memes coming out after this whole EA pay-2-win lootbox thing.


This loot box controversy isn’t letting up.



I thought this tweet thread was a well worded opinion on the state of loot boxes.


75 vs. .9





I’m going to assume that this is just folks pissed about loot things because the game is loads of fun. Haters.


I’m willing to bet a lot of those reviews haven’t played the game.