Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Star Wars: Battlefront II
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So does that mean it will not include guns? It included guns in the beta, no?


The wording isn’t completely clear. And I’m not sure if I earned guns from completing challenges that earned specific crates or if they came from the random crates. Either way, it seems you have to level up your character before you can even unlock or upgrade the weapons, so a whale can’t just buy the best stuff instantly.

I’m happy about all of this. Granted, I wasn’t exactly devastated before this either. I think it was the ESRB that came up with an analogy that I hadn’t thought about before. They likened loot crates to collective card game packs. I remember playing a game called Wildstorms back in the day. And because I spent more money on the game, I had the better cards and could easily (arguable) decimate my friends and roommates. Until one day, AntiSnakeMan (from SG) bought Despot for $20. And then, with that one card, he could not only compete with me, but win. A bunch.

And… what was the point I was making? Oh yeah. Wildstorms was insanely fun and I’m sad that it went bankrupt after a poorly thought out expansion that nobody asked for nor wanted.


Except it’s not that great of analogy. You can purchase the exact cards you want from a reseller, like ASM did, instead of having to gamble. You can’t do that with lootcrates.


Correct. But in Battlefront you can craft what you want. Not that it makes it better, but… I’m too trusting, aren’t I?



Alright, Jeff, I think I’m on your side, but I’m just trying to figure out where the line is drawn here. Are you saying if you could buy guns/characters/whatever straight away to improve your chances of winning, that would be better? I actually think that would be worse, as it just draws an even closer correlation to pay-to-win. I don’t think any game altering mechanics/devices/etc. should be available for pay, especially in a multiplayer focused game, but if they were going to do it, I almost prefer it’s a RNG system over a buy what you want to get the advantage, no?


Any form of RNG and “gambling” for progression needs to be removed, full stop, as well as the ability to purchase in-game currency or packs or whatever with real money.

This is concerning power items by the way, IDAF if games want to set up microtransactions for cosmetic stuff.


Fair, but to use RNG < Direct Pay for power items as a counterpoint doesn’t seem to jive with what your issue is. Maybe I’m just looking for conflict? I’ve had a couple beers.


Did you bring enough to share with the rest of the class?


That’s concerning in-game currency. It will always be better for players to be able to purchase/unlock whatever gun or upgrade they want without having to work their luck on a slot machine. Adding real money into the mix is just scummy AF.


Alright, I’m just grasping at straws at this point, but Wildstorms didn’t have any in-game currency where poor saps like Smurf could have purchased better cards, he would have had to use cash money, which in that case, I would prefer it be limited to the RNG of opening packs vs. just paying for the most powerful card.

Point being, I think his analogy is spot on, that physical card games are much more exploitative than digital if there are really that many unbalanced cards of which you can just buy, but that really doesn’t make the situation with the current “gambling” practices of modern video games any better, so yeah, burn it all down!


Fun Fact: I own every single card in the entire Wildstorms CCG franchise, even the super rare ones that were hidden in other card packs (Gen13) or given to comic book shops who ordered certain titles.


I’m not making an argument on how exploitative one system or the other is. All I’m saying the analogy isn’t spot on because you can’t purchase the exact item/unlock you want with lootcrates like you can with TCG cards.


I didn’t read the ESRB comment, but you are right, the two aren’t analogous because one is actually worse than the other. C’mon, Smurf, bring your A-game next time!


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Yes please.

I highly recommend reading Inferno Squad.


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I really, really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a redemption story, where the baddie decides to become a goodie…


Prepare to be disappointed.