Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II
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Spider-man DLC, No Man’s Sky DLC, Battlefront 2 DLC… what to play? What to play?


One of the key differences between the AT-TE and any other vehicle in the game is that they are dynamically dropped in real-time into the playable space as the battle goes on. This creates a lot of interesting scenarios and we are excited to see how this plays out once Geonosis arrives later this month.

What this also means is that you will not be able to pick the AT-TE from the spawn screen. You will encounter them within the environment itself. One might be dropped in just ahead of you, or you might turn a corner to see one, ready and waiting for you to jump in.


This mode, if you read the whole article, sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted from a Geonosis map. I can’t wait to play it.


This and Geonosis will bring me back to this game.


Nice. Played it a ton yesterday and on Sunday. Such a fun game. Really looking forward to Geonosis.


This looks good. It might actually take me away from PSVR for a bit.


I can’t wait to play this weekend.


Played it last night. Not sure if it needs an update already or our entire team couldn’t figure out what to do. Played as the CIS and we were tasked with securing 2 points before we could make our advance. Got the first point but when we got to the second terminal it was damaged, sparking, and smoking. There was no option to interact with it and the Secure Area icon remained anchored to the terminal. So our entire team sat there running around trying to figure out what to do but to no avail. So after that I went and played BFV instead.



This part sounds cool:


Emotes have always been a fun addition to the game and we’ve all seen how much you enjoy “Hello There”. Fun aside, they can also be a useful social mechanic in order to quickly communicate with your squad and nearby players.

The inclusion of a new Emote Wheel, with the ability to contain up to 8 emotes will allow you to better communicate with your team.

Read more about the Emote Wheel here


More details:


I played some Capital Supremacy over the weekend and while it was fun, having one map was the one negative I can point out. Oh, and sucking. I really suck. But EA has the first one covered.

3 new maps coming each month thru June.


These are very welcome changes!


They also said stay tuned in June for big updates… so this game is NOT dead!


The Droidekas look so sweet!

Destiny 2 updates, CTR, PSVR and now this… I have too much I want to play all at once.


Been playing this a lot the last few weeks after having not played in months. This is a completely different game and it is awesome. Loving it.


My brother recently visited from California and during his visit, we played quite a bit of BF2 and his comment was, “Dude, I forgot how fun this game is.” So, if you haven’t played in a while or can find it on sale dirt cheap (like it often is), I highly recommend trying it again. This month and next we get a whole new planet, new troops, new arcade playlists (so it’ll be just like the original BF2), a PvE mode and more with The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s gotten to the point where I have to have a serious debate within myself if I’m going to play this or Destiny 2. One of those games needs to stop releasing cool stuff, so I can play something else for a change. Oh, and CTR. And No Man’s Sky. And Dreams.


Oh, and if you don’t know what Felucis looks like:

From the Clone Wars animated series.

From movie? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Revenge of the Sith.


Playing this game lately has made me want a Republic Commando live action show on Disney+. I’d settle for Rebel Commandos as well.


That shot from the Clone Wars animated series looks dope.


Well, duh