Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Star Wars: Battlefront II
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News Flash: Ewok Hunt is addictively fun! I played only that last night, and while the first 2 matches were kinda lackluster—mainly because the 2 starting Ewoks were not good—but after that, what a blast! I captured a video where I was a starting Ewok and came upon 3 Stormtroopers and took all three out as they fired aimlessly into the darkness. I can’t wait to edit it down and post it. And there is a real sense of dread when you are a lone Stormtrooper in the middle of nowhere and suddenly catch a glimpse of one of those little Murder Bears creeping up on you.



As the title suggest, Season Two will release this month (with lots of great content) and the info starts next week. It’ll be called “The Han Solo Season”.

Also, it’s May 4th tomorrow, be on the lookout for some other bits that are happening. News on that will be hitting shortly.

I have heard rumors that they are reviving Extraction mode, so maybe that’ll be dropped alongside some 2015 DLC maps that featured that mode.



As the season progresses you’ll find yourself completing challenges and seasonal quests, inspired by Han Solo’s closest friendships and against some of his greatest rivals.

The Han Solo Season will be spread across two months, and we’ve got a lot of content to cover, so let’s dive in.

Jabba’s Palace returns!

Leia’s bounty hunter costume!

New modes, new menus, new milestones and more. Then more in June, supposedly to avoid Solo movie spoilers.

The fun begins on May 16 with a trip back to the original trilogy before jumping into new content for June inspired by the forthcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story™ film – but more on that later.


Update is here and rumors are that the loading times have been reduced thanks to the new UI that looks WAAAAAAAYYYY better than the holograms we had since launch.

Part 2 News:


I bought and played with the Leia Boushh costume a bit last night and here are my thoughts:

  1. This costume is awesome! For the first time in a long time, I actually wanted to play HvV INSTEAD of SFA. Now that’s saying something. And I had fun wrecking the Iden Versio I got to play against. I don’t know why, but it felt like the costume made me play better. Or maybe it inspired fear in my opponents and they were too intimidated to press the trigger. And soiled themselves. That’s probably it.

B. I’m not sure Boushh’s emotes are working. I only have one unlocked and equipped, but it didn’t seem to do anything when I pressed the D-pad. Also, how do I go about unlocking Leia’s other taunts? It says by “opening crates,” but… are they all achievable with milestones now? Or do I just have to wish really hard that someday they’ll just magically appear? Unlike the miniature pony I never got.

%. This outfit would have been complete with one slight change: when equipped, it should replace the Flash Grenade with a Thermal Detonator. Missed opportunity. Also, does the character model smell like Jabba’s tongue?

Anyhoo… I’m glad I saved up the credits for this and I look forward to future Legendary skins. Bring on “Frozen in the Vacuum of Space” Admiral Ackbar.


EXTRACTION!!! My favorite mode from the last game returns. And it only makes sense since the Solo movie had a scene that looked exactly like Extraction.


Clone Wars is coming! Gevious and Kenobi shown as well as Dooku and Anakin.

Map is said to be biggest they have worked on.


Seeing a lot of discussion around the pricing of heroes. As we detailed back in March, all new heroes will cost credits.
Q.) Will I still use Credits to unlock Heroes and Hero Starfighters?
A.) With our Progression Update, we will be unlocking all currently available heroes and Hero ships for all Players. When new heroes and Hero ships are introduced to the game they will be unlocked with Credits.
An exact price is yet to be decided but we do expect them to cost less than a Legendary Appearance. We can also confirm that we have plans to make emotes and victory poses purchasable.
More to come.


Picked it up for the X1. Oh how I missed it.


Have fun in empty lobbies. :slight_smile:

I kid, I kid.


Did you sell the PS4? I thought you were just adding an Xbox to your collection, not abandoning PS4 entirely.


We had two PS4s so I traded one in this making the remaining one my son’s. Lol.


If you think this is light on content, there’s also this:



Hero Starfighters
Prove that you’re the best pilot in the galaxy and put your skills to the test in Hero Starfighters.
We’ve seen a lot of discussion from the community about the potential inclusion of a Starfighter game mode focusing on hero starfighters such as Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced or Yoda’s Jedi Interceptor, and we’re excited to be bringing it to you.

At the start of the round, each player will spawn as a hero ship. Once defeated, you’ll then be able to respawn as any of the regular starfighters.

The first team to defeat all enemy hero ships wins the round. It’s a best of five, so the first team to win three rounds takes the overall victory.

The mode acts as a great way to level up your Hero Starfighters, which we know has been a hot topic amongst the community. To give you a head start, we’ll also be running a couple of double experience weekends. The first of these starts July 6.


Liking the new Clone Trooper skins. Not liking the 20000 credits they take to unlock them.

I really truly hope that DICE/EA learn from the mistakes made with this title.

List of things that, IMO, should be day 1 Staples.

  • The ability to squad up and stay in the same squad including the ability to enter a match with a squad of friends

  • Customisable Clone Trooper armor as well as Rebel uniforms. Give us options and allow us to mix and match.

  • More game modes and playlists based on player numbers. Would love to see a 40 player playlist that includes Walker Assault, Star Fighter Assault, Conquest, and Galactic Assault. 20 player playlists that includes Blast, Extraction, Drop Zone, Cargo and Droid Run etc etc

  • New Locations and/or more locations. I love what BF2 did with Endor in taking us to a new location. I’m all in favor of the Staples as far as locales are concerned but let’s see different areas. Also, why not include locales from Rebels, The Clone Wars, R1, Solo, and the like? Also would like to see Star Fighter modes that take place in a planet’s atmosphere or close to the service.

  • A campaign that takes some risks. I would love to play an entire campaign from an Imperial POV, or play as a gritty Rebel operative during the R1 timeline where your morality comes into question, or can we get a return to the Republic Commando style of campaign?

  • Truly make the game playable for all skill levels. What I mean by that is don’t make Heroes so highly priced that 75% of the players can’t get them in a game. The prices have come down big time since launch but good lord they were expensive at first.

  • More Specialists with varying skills please. The Wookie Warrior is awesome as is the Death Trooper but the Rocket Troopers are kinda meh. Would love to see more options. Republic Commandos, Commando Droids, Rebel Commandos, Shock Troopers etc etc.


Your first bullet is coming this month. As for the rest, you basically said “I like what’s there, just give me more” and I totally agree with that. This game could’ve been released as a GaaS title where you buy the base game and they just keep releasing seasons like in Street Fighter and you pay for cosmetics if that’s your thing. The whales then fund the expansions. And whales would do that. But I digress…

I just want more Starfighter Assault maps. And customizable ships.


The fact that it’s taken so long to get a proper squad feature is stupid.

The fact that you think what I want is more is funny and probably says a lot about game development as a whole. Aside from new locales, which is more of a wish list, I’m talking about pretty standard stuff. Especially when it comes to DICE and the playlists.


The fact that I just used the fact twice is in fact stupid. So check your facts because the fact is it’s just a fact.