Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Star Wars: Battlefront II
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897 0s?!?!? Nah, they all sound legit.


Honestly a 75 sounds about right, but review aggregate sites should really just throw out every single 0 and 10 for user reviews for this specific reason. It always happens with controversial games.




The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we’ve made changes to the game.


I did think that was weird. But at least they are making corrections.



Last day of School until the 27th! Let the Battlefront 2 binging begin!!!


I played the first 3 missions this morning before work—what a blast! Maybe I’m biased cuz there’s been a lot of ship-to-ship combat so far, and I love what Criterion has done with starships. In fact, Criterion needs a standing ovation for what they’ve done. Dogfighting is my favorite part of the game from what I’ve played in the Beta and will probably be my main multiplayer mode, but I digress. The campaign is fun so far and I like the story and the dialogue and the progression of the main character.

It’s a real shame this game has such bad vibes going against it this week.


Having lots of fun with this. Actually had 2 games in a row where I got a Hero and I chose. …Iden Versio. Call me crazy but she is fantastic as a Hero. Had a nice 20 kill streak with her on Hoth. Also played as Han and Kylo yesterday as well.

Not enjoying Heroes v Villains at all. What a mess that game mode is.


I have yet to play anything besides the campaign and Starfighter Assault. I got to play as Darth Maul’s ship once though and that was a blast. I hated the last game’s pick-up system, but with this point system, I can actually play as the Heroes and their ships now!


2 out of 5 stars. Embarrassingly enough, I haven’t read an entire review for a long time, but after reading that one, it was pretty much the nail in the coffin for me. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy this one from the sidelines. Kind of my experience for the entire Star Wars universe so far.


I’ll have a review posted tomorrow but it’s hard not to agree with a lot of what they say. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable.


I’ll say this about the campaign, about 3/4 through but have seen my son play through the whole thing. As a Star Wars fan I thought it was pretty damn disappointing. Especially since the companion book “Inferno Squad” is so damn good. All the good in that book is undone in the campaign. Also, it put a pretty damn big red herring out there in terms of some important lineage. If it turns out to be true then that’s pretty disappointing that it gets revealed here. I did however like that it followed along with an Aftermath story arc.

The campaign was short considering the timeline it spans, it was extremely predictable and safe, and they really blew it by making it a game based on a squad and then not offering any type of co-op or squad mechanics . The whole thing felt tacked on and like a tutorial for MP. They had a real chance to tell a story from a POV that has never really been seen in the SW universe and add something meaningful to the cannon. EA has really botched the handling of the license IMO in terms of delivering meaningful content thus far and this sure as hell isn’t helping.

All that being said the MP is a lot of fun and the Star Card bitching is just the internet bitching. The game is gorgeous and it handles very well and feels deeper than the last one with the exception of Heroes vs Villains which is just a huge waste of time and is just a mindless button mash fest. Looking forward to the free DLC though. Hope they bring back some of the game modes from the last title and really hope to see Geonosis or Ryloth.



Here’s a few tips that are working out for me as far as earning battlepoints quicker in Galactic Assault or Star Fighter Assault.

Heavy Class - Use the heavy class when playing defense, Clones or Rebels. Look out for when somebody is firing up the Ion rocket to take the shields down on the MTT’s or the AT-AT’s. Once the shields are down use the sentry feature and deal as much damage to the MTT’s or AT-AT’s as possible. A full cycle from your sentry gun will net you between 900-1400 battlepoints. Sometimes more if you are with your squad and/or have the Bounty Hunter Star Card equipped. You can double up on those if you have the Ion Rocket Launcher as a Star Card. As you hear a the initial Ion Rocket ramping up drop your Ion Rocket Launcher with a clear line of sight to the objective and then activate your Sentry Gun. While you do damage with your Sentry Gun the Io Rocket Launcher automatically locks onto and fires at vehicles. Playing Kashyyk the other day my whole squad ran this set up the whole match and we actually destroyed both MTT’s before they reached the 2nd Objective.

Commander Class - Stay with or near a large group so you can use your Battle Command Star Card to boost the group. You’ll get a fraction of what each player earns while boosted so it adds up quick. You can also rack up points by using the Flash Bang grenades. It releases a cluster of smaller grenades and you get points for the damage it does plus assist points for damage or kills raked up by others while the enemy is blinded by these. You can also drop an auto turret in a high traffic area as a way to get damage, assist, and kill points.

For Star Fighter Assault focus on the objective and mix in combat when you need to and you should rack up the points quickly. It’s hard to do but if you stay with your squad you’ll get bonus points. I usually find the one squad mate playing the objective and stick with them.

Haven’t used Assault or Specialist enough yet to find a quick way to rack up points other than killing the enemy and staying with your squad.

Also, don’t be super obsessed with getting a hero. Sometimes I find I can do better when using a Death Trooper or Wookie Warrior.


It appears other players also have tips for getting battlepoints:


After playing a bit more, I feel like they took 3 steps forward and 3 steps back with the sequel.


  • Starfighter Assault (or whatever they are calling it) is freakin’ amazing! It’s by far my favorite mode and Criterion deserves a standing ovation.
  • I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed the campaign. I thought some levels were throwaway (Lando, Han) and had no real effect on the main story, but overall I liked the new characters and where they went with them.
  • Class system. I like it.
  • All 3 eras. It was definitely missed on the first game.
  • Maps. Beautiful. I find myself on Kashyyyk and Kamino just staring at the landscape.
  • Removed pickups. I can actually be a Hero ship now since I don’t have to camp the pickup spawn point.
  • HvV is better.
  • All trophies seem achievable now.
  • New free stuff coming soon.


  • Loot crates are the ONLY method for leveling up. I feel like I’ve played a ton and haven’t gotten a single card towards anything I use. Granted, I’ve been spending my money on Heroes first, but I should be unlocking SOMETHING for my other classes and star fighters. ANYTHING. But no… I’m still default on pretty much everything after hours of playing. I hate what they did here.
  • No customization. I want to pick a gender. Then I want to pick an alien/human. Then a race/skin color and have that transfer over to all unhelmeted troops I play. Why is this gone? Ex. Male, Twilek, Purple. How is this so difficult to do?
  • No map select. In the old game, you could pick a playlist and then hit SQUARE (PS4) and select which map you want to attempt to join. I’ve played an insane amount of Starfighter Assault (it’s embarrassing that I don’t even know the playlist’s name, right?) and about 90% of the time I’m starting on Fondor. I’ve played Kamino… twice, maybe. Endor 3 or 4 times. Ryloth once. And if there are other maps, I’d have no idea cuz I haven’t seen them.
  • No arcade mode with online friends, or did I just no see how to do it?

Just straight-up broken:

  • Parties. What a joke. I tried playing with my brother last week and a party of two had an insanely difficult time joining games. Often we’d get sent to a game loading screen where it was just the two of us and NOBODY joined. So we’d back out and start again. Other times, one of us would be kicked to the main menu just before starting a game. Then, the person who was booted couldn’t start ANY new game (all were greyed out) and the person who got into the game couldn’t quit it. They’d quit to the main menu and then were instantly put back into the game they just quit. We’d both have to restart the entire game and try again. It was the most frustrating thing I’ve done in video games in a long time.

In conclusion, I feel like the ground game is just plain broken due to the loot crates. I’m not leveling up, I’m not getting better, I’m not having fun. So when I play, I’ll be doing starfighters only until they fix the progression somehow. You might be saying, “but the starfighters use the same card system.” But, I can hold my own with a default X-wing. I cannot start a game as a default officer class and do well. Their default weapons are pure garbage and I’m forced into a different class where I also feel like I’m outmatched by people with 3 star card slots unlocked and filled with blue and purple cards. At least, that’s what my death screen is showing me constantly.


I’ll agree with all but 2 of your Pros. I cannot stand HvV. It is such a button mash fest. At least it seems that way. All Heroes meet in the middle and mash dem buttons. The other is the campaign. So painful and such a missed opportunity.

Agree with most of your Cons but they aren’t deal breakers. I would love to see some customization and feel like this is where the future of BF2 micro transactions is headed.

Map select isn’t a huge problem for me but I guess it would be nice. I’m sure it’ll get patched in.

I understand the hate for the loot crates but do not feel that the items associated with them have ever fully given me or anybody else a game breaking advantage. The gun upgrades are all accomplished by normal MP ground rules. Get X amount of kills with said gun and unlock a new gun for that class. This has been a thing for a decade now. As for Star Cards it’s all how you spend the crafting parts. IMO it is a waste to spend them on upgrading Heroes or Hero ships since they amount of time spent using them is just a small percentage of the game. Instead, use them to build a class best suited to your play style. I can’t see myself unlocking any other Star Cards then the ones I have equipped or already unlocked. They are the cards I wanted so why should I feel the need to unlock others? I’ll argue that a fully upgraded hero is far more game breaking as opposed to a ground soldier who may have a 10% armor boost or less cool down time on a blaster. I really think had micro transactions not been associated with them it wouldn’t be making such a big stink.

Arcade mode? Played it a few times. Never thought to try it with friends.

As for parties I must have good luck. I haven’t had an issue yet joining games with friends.

Is it a perfect game? Nope. But IMO it is far superior to the last one in terms of the way it plays. I’m sure all the other issues will get fixed as that is the way games go these days. As for now I’m still having a lot of fun with it.


Oh, I totally think most of my cons will be fixed with time. And yeah, when I finish buying all the Heroes, I will not be spending any money to upgrade them and instead use my credits and crafting parts towards ships first and then classes second. Once the Heroes are all bought, my opinion on loot crates may change, but for now… I feel like I’m doing nothing to progress.