Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Star Wars: Battlefront II
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Leaked 4 days early. Enjoy you Jedi geeks…

Star Wars: Battlefront

I like that they put Rey and Maul on the cover art; really hammers home they’re focusing on all eras.

My only hope (eheheheheheh) is that this is closer to what I remember from OG Battlefront II rather than what the first reboot ended up being.


Ok. That looks good. God damn it.


I’ve been sick at home all week. I just got better.


You all know my stance on this.



Campaign will follow Inferno Squad(Imperial Spec Ops). Game will have a companion book that serves as an intro to the squad.

Love being able to get an Imperial POV.

Confirmed that all eras will be playable in MP.

Class based characters ie: Gunner, Medic, etc.

Heroes can level up. You level up heroes and choose their skills.

Space battles confirmed.

Saw pics of action on Kamino


Ships are also class based and will serve certain roles.

Same goes for Hero ship.

11/17/17 release date


Here’s a more clear cut version of my ramblings.


Here’s the official one.


I like everything that I am reading/seeing here. More of this, please.




They mentioned that heroes and vehicles will unlock for in game goals and special weapons will be class specific and earned. Sounds like they are going more towards a Battlefield experience. I just hope they have 4-6 player squads.


[quote=“Jango, post:13, topic:818, full:true”]
They mentioned that heroes and vehicles will unlock for in game goals and special weapons will be class specific and earned.[/quote]


IGN just posted an article saying that DICE has no plans for a season pass right now. Stating that they didn’t like the community divide it caused and that now they more concerned with adding depth and player progression.

I’m sure there will be content at some point but fir now it’s nice to hear this.



So does that video show off any gameplay, or is it just JackFrags talking over trailer footage? Because if it’s the latter, I refuse to give him clicks.


A few behind the scenes shots as well as some new concept art. But it’s mostly him talking about his time at Celebration and attending the private Q&A session with DICE where they were given more detailed info about the game. I thought there was some good info in there.


Someone else who doesn’t have time to listen to 12 minutes of rambling made a TL;DR.

  • Gun play was redesigned, more deviation, harder to master
  • Blaster customization incoming, think Battlefield weapon customization stuff (scope, grips, etc)
  • Class based is coming, think Battlefield Assault, Scout, Engineer, etc etc. No details on offerings.
  • Battlefield 1 like class progression coming too. So also think Level 10 premium weapons you can unlock.
  • The jetpack will be class specific now…don’t know if that’s good or bad.
  • Heroes - no longer based on pickups. Now based on performance, so maybe the MVP of the game will get one? Not sure if I like this or not. Also, Heroes will be more “physical”, no idea what that means.
  • Light saber combat is more “physical”. Hero abilities will more devastating. Heroes are also now upgrade-able and customize-able.
  • No more vehicle pickups either. This will likely go the route of Battlefield 1. Pick at spawn screen. You cannot land and get out of aircraft - booooo. But can jump out and parachute down (like BF1).
  • No details on how land ships and aircraft will handle. Criterion is handling all of the vehicle combat and aircraft. Which should be a good thing. Space battles will be likely TDM style, with the objective to take down the “big ship”. So maybe Conquest Assault TDM style in BF4?
  • Star cards unlikely to come back, if they do, will be heavily overhauled.
  • Dynamic destruction will be somewhat in the game, with some “levelution” but they feel that dynamic destruction is better fit with the Battlefield series and doesn’t make much sense with Star Wars. So it will be minimum.
  • SEASON PASS INFO - “some confusion” Jack says. EA/DICE hasn’t confirmed or denied there is one. But EA/DICE has “listened to the community” and do not want to split the player base. Jack thinks maps will be free. But micro-transactions will run crazy. No confirmation. Rumors are running rampant that there will be no season pass, just micro-transactions (think skins, etc, COD/CSGO route).
  • Emotes will return.
  • Dedicated servers, no word on server browsers.
  • A bunch of different game modes.
  • Game is across basically all eras of Star Wars. Does not mean you will see cross-era game play, likely won’t happen. Maps will just have their “themes”.


I like the sounds of everything listed, except this one:

If I wanted to play Battlefield and get slaughtered again and again and again without ever getting good, I’d play Battlefield. Why can’t we have a more casual shooter for people that are old and sucky like me?